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Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some help/ advice. I have seen quite a few post about rough idle/ flickering lights / starting issues with their i30 Sr's. but no one mentioning if they have gotten the issue solved.

im starting a new thread so hopefully ill get more responses. but yeah just wanting to know how many people have been effected and how many people have managed to get it fixed?

my super fun journey so far...

2017 PD SR with only 36000km on it

noticed flickering lights and the the idle was abnormally rough, so on my next service I mentioned it and the dealer said "book it in again as we need a full day to look at the transmission and please try get footage of the flickering"

with covid I haven't been driving as much so didn't really get to drive my car enough to get it to a stage where the lights would flicker. but one night while at a red light the car started violently shaking like it was trying to stall (quickly turned the car in off an on and it was fine for the rest of the way home) so promptly booked in a check up.

took my i30 to the dealer the night before and thought id get some more recent footage of the bad idle and flickering... luckily but unlikely all of a sudden the revs were going up and down worse then ever before and I was parked so was able to get out and film the engine struggling to keep a constant rpm

the next day they said it was the spark plugs. reluctantly said ok to change them knowing it was unlikely going to solve the problem and if I have to do this to get something else replaced under warranty so be it...

so picked it up the following day as the guy I was dealing with recommended a technician take it home over night to do more testing... and of course after driving it around for 20 minutes it was happening again. took it straight back and showed the guy in person and he said ok we will have another look

about 2-3 hours I get a call saying "we looked at another car and it does the same thing so its normal" so there isn't anything they are going to do and my car is ready to be picked up.

so where my story is currently.. straight after that call I called customer service for Hyundai Australia and they are going to "investigate the issue" and ill hear back in about 3 business days

Thank you in advanced for anyone's responses

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Stick to your guns, mate. That's pretty poor on their part, so expect better. Do they know that there's a global i30 forum watching for their next move? Good luck and keep us posted.
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