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2016 I30 CRDI Loosing Coolant
« August 15, 2021, 18:55:33 »
Morning All,

I have the above hyundai and it has been going well

Last November, it threw a check engine light, Hyundai dealership tracked it to a plug had come unclipped(?????) from the EGR harness

Ok no worries

Anyways drove it out of the workshop and the check engine light came on again  :'( :'( :'(

This time they changed out the EGR on warranty

My son drove the car from then till May/June when my daughter got her licence ( My son has no interest under the bonnet!!!!! )

We then lifted the bonnet (as I was showing my daughter what to check) to find the coolant not in the header/expansion tank and also it took coolant in the radiator

Took it to the dealer ship as there is no coolant making it too the ground
They say they found a loose hose clamp and tightened it
After this it continued to loose coolant still not to the ground
Took it back to dealership
This time they pressure tested it   
 No loss of pressure or leaks
  They also did a CO2 check apparently clear
They then found that the radiator cap was failed (?????)
After another week of driving it is still loosing coolant
So back to the Hyundai repair shop!!!!

Just wondering if anyone else has had the issue of lost coolant but no sign where it is going???

The oil is not milky

There is no condensation under the oil filler cap

Can coolant go out through the EGR

As I work with heavy earth moving machines, I have seen EGR's fail and leak coolant as they are cooled via the coolant system

Im unsure about these Hyundias

Cheers for any help


Just an update to this
I have had a ph call this morning from the workshop over the weekend the I30's coolant system was pressure tested all weekend pressure dropped Saturday morning the pressure was pumped up again and was gone again this morning
The workshop then took it for a good drive down a range and back up Combustion gas tested and sure enough it has got combustion gas in the coolant
So needless to say the head is coming off
Still in warranty till November I hope they honour it  :head_butt: :head_butt: :head_butt:

heres hoping :confused: :confused:
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Re: 2016 I30 CRDI Loosing Coolant
« Reply #1 : August 16, 2021, 23:11:13 »
I dont't know about the newer engine, but in the older ones there is egr cooler. Hot egr gases go through it and if it leaks coolant it can be tricky to find. Pressurising coolant might show if therr is small leak somewhere.
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