Author Topic: 2013 GD 1.8 petrol manual dips at 2000 revs only when driving crank sensor repla  (Read 1051 times)

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How's it guys in New to the forum.. I have my first non vw. My i30 1.8i executive G4NB engine code bent a Conrod so had it replaced with a sub assembly from the ix35 with the same code.. After installation the car drove well for about 2 weeks then the Rev counter would go dead and the car would go into which I guess is limp mode because it wouldn't Rev up to its normal range and power was reduced.. The diagnostic picked up crank sensor which I changed then used another diagnostic which picked up eprom they say it's the computer box but the first diagnostic I used still picks up the crank sensor . Now it drives normal but at 2000 revs it dips only when driving though. In neutral it would Rev up like normal.. I have to drive at a low rev in a high gear and drop down a gear to get it over 2k revs as to avoid the dip.... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated guys thanks

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