Author Topic: Looking at a 2013 i30 Active tourer wagon - advice needed!  (Read 142 times)

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Hi everyone! This is my first post - excited to be owning a i30 soon!

Im looking to buy my first Hyundai car.. Ive driven a friends i30 diesel and it seemed like a really good car.

2013 i30 Active tourer wagon turbo diesel, 26000 km on the clock and an ex-government car, auto (From what I've read it seems like you get better fuel efficiency from the manual.. but I like auto's cos I live in the city) BUT I would have to get it delivered from interstate.. so.. Im thinking to get a mechanic to go and look at it.. is there anything that the mechanic should be specifically looking out for when it comes to the inspection?

Also.. Im looking at a 2012 i30 SLX Auto with 100000km on the clock for $11000.. am I paranoid that the kms are high with a car like this?

mega thanks in advance!
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Re: Looking at a 2013 i30 Active tourer wagon - advice needed!
« Reply #1 : June 19, 2017, 12:25:44 »
26k km, engine is just run in, should be smooth driving for a good few tens of thousand km, doubt mech will find anything wrong unless the car has been abused/crashed.

Several members have done more than 200k km without major problems. Someone will fill you in on how far along the furthest is, seems to be a few very high km ones around sidney.
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Re: Looking at a 2013 i30 Active tourer wagon - advice needed!
« Reply #2 : June 19, 2017, 16:31:59 »
Welcome "chaos" with a name like that you should fit in well here.

I'm sure we have one member closing in on 400k in a diesel and several others around the 300k mark. I would be gravitating towards the 2013 tourer. These two cars would be chalk and cheese. The tourer is slighly more refined and should hopefully have a bit of warranty left. I don't think Government cars get a reduced commercial warranty (worth checking)

If the 2012 model is an SLX it is the previous FD series. Although not a problem in itself, the fact it has done 100k has to increase the possibility of something being worn/ needing repair sooner rather than later.

The FD used a 4 speed auto, the tourer would have a 6 speed.

The i30 is pretty conventional mechanically, so a good mechanic should be able to pick up any obvious flaws.

Good luck with your shopping. Good low mileage diesel tourers are pretty scarce, but a great vehicle!
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