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Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« July 07, 2017, 00:06:40 »
Following on from :link: Upgrade GD-02 to GD-03

So I bought my daughter a mint 2015 i30 (to replace her old 2009 i30) but like a few was keen to get the carplay/android auto version. Unfortunately it was an early 2015 so had the GD-02 head unit. Read through numerous posts and considered an aftermarket option but as a user of android auto in my 2016 Tucson have been really impressed with how it functions. So for all those considering an OEM option here is what I have done. For the record I an reasonably capable engineer but this task is easy for anyone.

Firstly found a late 2015 at a wreckers (shout out to Delta Wreckers in Brisbane, highly recommended for price and customer service) and confirmed it was the GD-03 head unit. Removal is easy as shown by a couple of Utube videos if you google it.

As well as the actual head unit you will need to also remove the USB lead and the AUX/USB connection point (see photos). The USB lead can just be separated from the wiring loom if you also remove the aircon controls (also shown in Utube video maybe someone could add a link to a good version). You will need the whole lead (see photo). The other set of wires goes to a separate connector on the AUX/USB connector point. If you want a full conversion make sure you also retrieve this connector with about 3 or 4 inches of wiring ie. cut the wiring.

Removing the AUX/USB connection point requires you to push in lugs on each side and it if you push from the rear will simply pop out.

To confirm I have a June 2015 model that had a GD-02 radio so all I can say is that for me this was a perfect swap which fitted in with existing facia/aircon control facia etc.

Initially I have only connected the USB cable to the connection point as I have not sourced a wiring schematic to allow me to match the new wiring of the AUX connector to the existing wiring. Colours don't match and I think I have an extra wire (possibly speed vs volume control). Daughter doesnt use AUX so I might not even bother. So to confirm with just the USB cable connected I have full functionality of USB/carplay/android auto.

As a footnote the head unit I got was $180 including all leads etc. It didnt have the latest firmware update which I was able to download and subsequently upload to the new head unit with the need for a visit to Hyundai (google it and find the cartronics link)

Note the separate USB connection point on the head unit.
Note the pencil pointing out the lug on one side of the AUX/USB connection point.

Hope I covered everything but pop a reply on if you have any questions.

images from up
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Re: Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« Reply #1 : July 07, 2017, 00:12:48 »
Further to my post regarding the upgrade I did when I was looking for a GD-03 head unit a couple of wreckers in the Melbourne area had late 2015 and 2016 i30s. I was quoted $300 inc. postage by one.
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Re: Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« Reply #2 : July 07, 2017, 03:50:54 »
 :welcome: and  :ta:

For a brilliant 1st post. That will be a big help to some of our members.

Appreciate you going to the trouble of posting photos, etc...
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Re: Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« Reply #3 : July 12, 2017, 21:53:23 »
From a few PMs I need to clarify a few things I think regarding initial post. Question has been if I just get a GD03 head unit can I simply modify the existing wiring. Honest answer is I dont know for sure but I would have to say probably not (if someone has I will humbly bow to their experience). I'm a great believer that design engineers are not stupid and if when putting together the GD03 they could of utilised  what was already being used they would have. What they have used is a completely separate cable for the USB data transfer, a completely different female connection point for the USB cable on the head unit itself and a completely different female connection point on the AUX/USB caddy. To confirm if you have a GD01 or GD02 head unit the two main wiring connections to the head unit will fit. But where the USB pins were part of the B connector on the GD01 and GD02, on the GD03 the pins are no longer used. I think they might have needed to upgrade the wiring for the extra data required to run carplay/android auto hence the new connection and new lead separating the USB side of the unit. Also on the back of the USB/AUX caddy the female connection is completely different. With the uprade to the GD03 they also put a separate female connection for the USB and a smaller female connection point for the AUX. Your existing plug will not fit.

To summarize, if you get and a GD03 head unit and simply swap it from the GD01 or GD02 you will have wasted your time. You will not have any USB connectivity and hence no carplay/android auto. It is essential to get the new USB lead and new AUX/USB caddy to complete the swap.
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Re: Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« Reply #4 : July 14, 2017, 00:12:04 »
wanting to do this. one thing that i am curious about. Does the reverse camera work perfectly still, and have you come across any issues as of yet with the new head unit?
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Re: Upgrading GD-02 to GD-03
« Reply #5 : July 16, 2017, 22:58:52 »
I took out the GD02 radio that had OEM reverse camera as per standard spec on my i30. Swapped it over with the GD03 as per my post and reverse camera still works perfect. As I've said before; this is a really simple swap. No issues so far but I have still not bothered trying to connect the AUX. When you have USB and play spotify/pandora through the android auto cant really see the need for aux.
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