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November 20, 2017, 10:24:21 by shillysenior | Views: 2233 | Comments: 6

Recently bought my 2014 i30 second hand. Previously owned a 2004 Hyundai Coupe and one thing I was looking forward to was the windscreen not icing up inside the car overnight. Put it down to the age of the car and the seals being slightly worn.
Have just had the first couple of cold nights and guess what, my i30 also freezes up inside overnight.
Does this mean it is a Hyundai design fault or has somebody else had this problem and resolved it?i 
November 18, 2017, 06:52:16 by musicrab | Views: 2227 | Comments: 3

Hi, have a 1.4 i30; 4 years old, 30K miles.  At starting off in 1st I get what I assume is severe clutch judder - doesn't happen every time but when it does its bad.  (Stupid question - could this be an engine mount?).   Will be getting it serviced next week at a Hyundai garage; we'll see what they say although I guess this will be "wear" issue rather than fault.   I assume I can get the garage to confirm the location of the fault without spending loads of money.
November 18, 2017, 01:46:18 by druggist | Views: 607 | Comments: 8

Copped a large stone chip in the middle of the windscreen that starred to about the size of  my hand. We were away on holidays in Port Macquarie. Called NRMA Autoglass, O'Briens and Novus for a quote.
NRMA quoted $550, but as you have been a member for 38 years discounted to $440.
O'Briens website offered an instant quote, but then wanted to call me back, didn't respond until the next day so not sure of there price.
Novus quoted $290, replaced same day.
Irritated that when NRMA guy called back it was actually the local unnamed installer acting as agent. His price direct was similar to Novus.
November 17, 2017, 17:30:22 by BizzE3 | Views: 1729 | Comments: 4

Hi all, wondering if you could help with a query about my aerial fitting. I have managed to lose my aerial and need a new one. I've tried several replacements that claim to fit, but none of them do. So, I bit the bullet and paid out for the proper Hyundai part (for i30 2012), as advised by the Hyundai garage. However, this doesn't fit either.

The aerial base has a screw thread coming out of it. Unfortunately so does the aerial, essentially two 'male' components.

Any suggestions which is the right part? If you unscrew the antenna is it a male/female fitting?


:link: WP 20171117 17 39 00 Pro ?

November 12, 2017, 04:06:19 by myjess | Views: 1757 | Comments: 2

My diesel power steering gives the EPS light for a few seconds intermittently every now and again, only immediately after cold start and my having turned the steering wheel to get out of a parking spot. Light goes off and stays off a few seconds later.
In addition there is a knocking when I go over bumps.
There is no recall for my car.

Anyone any ideas, I was thinking battery cos it happens just after cold start and I have turned the wheel straight away.

November 11, 2017, 04:59:11 by treid2000 | Views: 2411 | Comments: 23

Problems & Issues
Morning everyone :)

First time post, long time reader. My car has developed an interesting, if not very frustrating problem. Went to turn the engine yesterday evening and all of a sudden ... Nothing. The interior lights flickered, as did the dash lights, radio and air con unit. With the key still turned we could also hear a clicking noise from under the bonnet.

Tried a few more times and still did not work so had to make other plans. Returning to this problem today however and not 100% sure what to try next. My thoughts are this:
1. Could be a dead battery? Would be annoyed if it is as not had any warnings (granted never do I guess). Plus the car also had a VERY long run a day or two prior so would have hoped it ...
November 08, 2017, 12:53:42 by Markie | Views: 2418 | Comments: 26

Wont Start
Hi. My car developed a problem today. Normally from cold the engine coil light goes out after a second and the car starts. Today, twice from cold, the light goes off and comes back on when I turnover, thus stopping power gertibg to the starter motor. From warm it starts ok. Do I have a faulty sensor?

Thanks Mark
November 06, 2017, 06:32:43 by AshtonM00 | Views: 2165 | Comments: 6

Hi there,

I am new to this forum so forgive me if this post is in the wrong place!

We picked up a 2010 i30 Auto Comfort 1.6 a week or so ago. The car has 40k miles on it & seems to drive nicely. There is 1 thing I am concerned about & that is, when stopped with foot on the brake in either D or R, you will hear a rattling from the engine & feel a very subtle vibration. Once the car starts moving this goes away, as does it if you shift the car into N. It drives perfectly otherwise.

I have done a bit of reading & many people point to worn engine mounts, which matches the symptoms, but the difference is they say you would only notice a vibration in D & not R if it was engine mounts? Other information I found poi...
November 05, 2017, 18:11:49 by Mal | Views: 2304 | Comments: 32

Problems & Issues
Hi folks
The cars done 176K without any major dramas fortunately, however there's now an intermittent knocking and creaking noise  coming from the front left somewhere ?
I've been under it and looked around, pushed and pulled and waggled everything without finding anything really specific.
One thing I have noticed is some play in the CV joint at the wheel hub.
I checked against the drivers side to compare this and there appears to be almost zero play there.

Could this be the culprit I wonder ?           

Question - has anyone else experienced a similar fault ?

Also, totally unconnected but in the same area, the park light bulb has blown.
You would think an easy one to replace but I...
November 02, 2017, 02:45:34 by i30SRPremium | Views: 1328 | Comments: 11

My car seems to think that I have a passenger (front) when no one is in the seat.

The flashing seatbelt light comes on and the alarm beeps for 2 minutes. If I clip the seat belt in it goes away.

Would I be correct that it is just a sensor and my local Hyundai can fix easily?

Also as the car is only 2 Year’s old (im the second owner)would it be covered under warranty?
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