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October 04, 2022, 05:59:07 by auke | Views: 2004 | Comments: 4

2009 I30 CRDI SX 1.6 Turning over, but not starting (Intermittend)

Normally the I30  immobiliser light turns off when you turn to start cranking and the car will fire up. If your imobiliser does not recognise your key the imobiliser light will be flashing during starting/cranking and will not fire up. (Expirienced this in the past, when I got a new key cover and the key clip had not been transfered into the new key cover)

My issue today is that sometimes during cranking the engine does not fire up and the immobiliser light stays on solid during cranking.

After an hour or so when I turned the key, everything is back to normal car running and no issues for another week.
Today while the car was idleling t...
September 19, 2022, 12:39:35 by Voorhees2022 | Views: 2094 | Comments: 4

Hello, guys. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. It's my family car and we heavily rely on this for work commutes, child care, etc.

Hyundai i30 1.4 petrol
 Car has been fine, started yesterday as normal. Within a few seconds of pulling away, I forgot something and turned the engine off, nipped into the house, came back out to find the car wouldn't start.

At first, I thought 'battery issue', called RAC breakdown out, they tested battery fine, electrics and locks, etc. Still working...

Car won't crank over with main key or spare I have

Mechanic couldn't get it started, advised not sure what the issue is, could be a security issue (immobiliser), a control module or some wiring loose or ...
September 11, 2022, 20:16:06 by BrendanP | Views: 913 | Comments: 2

I'm in the process of replacing the alternator on my old 2011 right-hand drive diesel. I've got as far as taking the old one off, just waiting for a reconditioned one to arrive. I took it apart and as expected, the slip-rings have deep grooves worn in them, and the brushes are worn down to almost nothing, but they've done pretty well to last 250,000 miles. Just a few tips for getting it out, assuming you're working from above.
1. Disconnect battery -ve terminal.
2. Have a pair of small side cutters on hand to snip through the cable-tie that straps the power cable to the alternator, as well as disconnecting the power cable to the alternator terminal, and unplugging the smaller wires.
3. Remove the screws holding the clu...
August 30, 2022, 21:35:01 by PGN I30 | Views: 1164 | Comments: 4

Glow Plug
Hi, new member here having recently purchased an i30 diesel 2013.
Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, bought the car and when I got home noticed it would misfire on idle on cold start for about 30 seconds around 600 tp 800 rpm.
After changing the fuel filter and it was no better, started looking at glow plugs, anyway, I removed the glow plug rail with intentions of checking the continuity on the plugs.
I couldn't get a decent reading on any of them so went and ordered some NGK replacements, put everything back together and the next day cold start was good around 1000 rpm dropping as it got warm and very smooth, second day same again so something I've done has miraculously fixed it, may still change the plugs but so...
August 24, 2022, 06:17:37 by hyundai_i30_2011_owner | Views: 2917 | Comments: 10

Hatch FD
Hi, I've recently replaced the rubber steering coupler in my 2011 Hyundai i30 (this is a common problem). Simply put; disconnect a range of electrical plugs on the steering column, undo bolts/nuts so that steering column comes down, open power steering motor and replace coupler, then put everything back.

After doing all this, my brake lights are on permanently when the ignition is on. When the car is off (engine off and ignition off), the brake lights are off (so that's good). When I then press the brake pedal, the brake lights come on as they are supposed to (this to me suggest the brake switch at the pedal is OK - but I could be wrong). But then, as I said, once ignition/engine is on, brake lights are on all the time, whether b...
August 17, 2022, 05:40:43 by Cluster2 | Views: 3184 | Comments: 6

My 6.5 year old diesel i30 with DCT has just finished 165,000km of problem free driving, but I have noticed the car getting louder at idle. It sounds like a loud rattle, and since it's a diesel I assumed the engine was the cause.  On some cold starts in the morning I can feel the idle being a little rough, with the tacho needle moving slightly at random.  The rattle is only there at idle, and never under load.

The dealer says the loud rattle is coming from the DCT, and has recommended a clutch and flywheel replacement. I imagine this is going to cost the thick end of AUD$5k. Are dealers qualified to do this repair, or does it go to a specialist?  I am waiting for a quote, but the dealer already said 'flywheels are expensive right...
August 08, 2022, 07:24:55 by Bob.W | Views: 1283 | Comments: 5

Hello Learned Korean Car Drivers,

Just curious - we don't drive a lot of mileage (about 15k/pa, rural 25km runs for 80% of it) - but I've gotten in the habit of changing our PD's oil every 5,000km.

I always use the spec'd oil generally C3 grade, Valvoline & Nulon were the last few I used.

I used to do the oil filter at 5k as well - but decided it could do the full 15k or12mth interval instead.

With high grade modern synthetics oils (as C3's are) and non-extreme driving conditions, for the pretty benign D4FB diesel engine how do folks feel about this practice?

While I know its doing no harm (other than to my wallet and environment) - is it likely to be doing any good or would the $$$ and...
August 05, 2022, 03:16:34 by Tyb1987 | Views: 3550 | Comments: 10

Steering Bush
I have a steering wheel coupling issue with the 2012/2013 Hyundai i30 elite. The mechanic would charge me from $495 to $700 for this. Rang Hyundai and they said it's not covered under their warranty as my car is over 10 years old.

Could U recommend a mechanic that can fix this issue and also based in sydney that won't cost me arms and legs?

August 02, 2022, 01:19:22 by Mrunn | Views: 2849 | Comments: 1

Good morning,
First time poster, thank you in advance for any help/advice!

I have a 2014 i30 trophy, 5 door hatch, 1.8L petrol.

Problem: occasionally very rough, jerking idle at start up and then occasionally dying.

Question: Thinking spark plugs, fuel filter or ignition coil may be to blame? What do to think? We are looking to fix this ourselves where possible.

Details: happening more frequently of late, car turns on but idles really rough, sort of jerking when really bad. Car tries to rev itself up and occasionally that fixes the issue, sometimes I'll rev the engine and that also fixes the issue. The other day, I let it sit for 20seconds doing this and it died and struggled to start up ag...
July 15, 2022, 10:56:06 by Bob.W | Views: 4431 | Comments: 19

Oil Leak
Hi All,
I've a MY18 PD diesel that has the 7 speed DCT. First registered in 04JUL2017, so technically the 5yr warranty 'ended' a week and a bit ago.

I'd long ago decided it might be an idea to change the DCT fluid - even though Hyundai as to do at 120,000km (mine is at 64,000km). I only drive around once a fortnigh, my wife using it every day.

Having some extra time I removed the under engine guard after jacking it up and placing on stands today - immediately I noticed what appeared to be a build up of fluid on the underside of the DCT where the unit is screwed together - apparently Hyundai uses a sealant to form a gasket between the two metal sides.

I'd had an oil leak from the filter housing before (d...
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