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Installing a Sony xav-ax5000 into a nav-model 2015 i30 gd

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My stock head unit's sat nav broke down recently and I decided to try my hand at installing a Sony XAV-AX5000 into my 2015 i30 gd. I had been interested in using android auto for a while now and this seemed like the perfect excuse to go for it. My model was unfortunately not included in the Hyundai android auto rollout (2015 q4 and onward i30 models only).

I thought I'd share my journey through this process since there were some odd bits and pieces I found during installation (granted I'd never done anything like this before!).

I also found these threads very helpful throughout the process:
:link: Swapping out a i30 Navigation unit for a Kenwood DDX-9018DABS
:link: Swapping out a i30 Navigation unit for GD-03 unit

So to begin, I got a bunch of things from aerpro:
   - Fascia kit (FP8343)*
   - Steering wheel control harness (CHHY8N)
   - Secondary sony to iso harness (APP8SP4)
   - Patch lead (APSONYPL)
   - Headunit antenna adaptor (APA47)
   - Video retention harness (APVHY01)**

* - I had a navigation model, which has a different fascia kit to non-nav models (take a look at :link: Hyundai i30 2012-2017 GD | Aerpro)
** - It's really weird but there seems to be two different harnesses sold under this same model number (APVHY01), one has a connector with 16pins and the other with 24, which I noticed when looking at listings of this item across a few online stores. I initially got the one with 16pins but actually needed the one with 24 pins. Luckily, the store where I got these from had the other one and was happy to exchange it for me after some confusion all around.

Factory camera connector on the left vs. connector on the first APVHY01 harness I got on the right

Connector from the replacement APVHY01 I got from the store

For the most part, it's all plug and play. This video from Aerpro shows how to attach the different harnesses - :link: Aerpro Harnesses – Steering Wheel Controls 101 - YouTube

One thing to note is that the orange illumination wire on the CHHY8N steering wheel control harness is routed to the wrong connector. You'll need to repin this wire in order to have the auto-dim function when you turn on your headlights. It also seems to let google maps change from day to night mode when this happens.

Pinouts for the navigation model headunit (lan1050ehgd)

Where the illumination wire was and where I repinned it on the CHHY8N harness

Some connections need to be made to retain the factory reverse camera. As I didn't have the equipment to do proper wire splicing and was a little eager to finish this project I opted to use wire tap connectors. 

All you do is slot the two wires in and press down, easy.

To be completely frank, I suspect there may be better options when choosing which wires to connect. I based my choices on what I saw when looking around on Youtube and forums like Reddit and this one. I will describe what connections I made below, but would definitely appreciate any advice from more experienced installers.

I tapped the black camera ground wire (on APVHY01) to the RCA's black ground wire on the same harness and the red positive camera wire to one of the red accessory power wires. This powers the camera when the car is switched on.

On the sony to iso harness (APP8SP4), I tapped the reverse wire to the factory reverse gear wire. This allows the headunit to automatically turn on the reverse camera screen when going into reverse gear.

Circled reverse gear wire on the factory power & signal connector B

I also tapped the parking wire to the black ground wire on the same harness (APP8SP4). I should note that while this simple constant ground seems to work for most Sony headunits, some other brands like Pioneer are more smart about it and you may require another kind of bypass. I was going to just leave this parking wire alone, but decided I'd like the option of using the onscreen keyboard for google maps rather than just relying on voice commands.

With these out of the way, everything seems to be working! I decided against getting the usb retention adaptor as I was worried about cables getting tangled with the gear stick while driving. Instead, I routed the two USB cables on the sony through the passenger-side glove box and into the small tray area under the centre console.

Regrettably, in my excitement after getting everything working I neglected to take more pictures of the finished wiring. So most of these pictures are from when I was planning out what to do.


and after:

That's all for now, let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading.
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I live in europe, and this is the only forum that is really clear regarding the swap of the navi unit of the i30.
I struggled a bit to find a trim kit here, but finally got the correct one.

The thing I struggle now, is to find the correct Steering wheel control interface (the one from Connects2) .
CHHY8N  is the S/N for the reseller aerpro, but would it be possible to get the S/N from Connects2 directly?

Of course I asked them, but they seems to be.... not very good technically to correctly answer my question.

Thanks in advance!
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