Author Topic: Possible to install cruise control on i30 2009 or have to change computer?  (Read 861 times)

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How to check if is it posible to install cruise control on i30 2009 or have to change ECU and install cables to steering wheel too?
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I don't know what differences there are between Israeli and Australian models but Firty is a 2009 baby and the first generation Diesel to come with factory CC. The petrol models had it even earlier. Can you check with Hy Israel?
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Purely at a guess. I'm thinking it will need to be enabled in the ECU(assuming it's in the software) The controls for the steering wheel, maybe a different clock spring.

Dealer would know.
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In Australia the accessory option cruise control is a plug in kit that uses factory switches in their kit. No change of anything major, just install kit parts and go.

:link: Cruise Controls Australia | Auto Accessories Brisbane | Autostrada

Yeah it's an Australian company but who knows what they can do.
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