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Title: Priming your i30
Post by: garry on December 04, 2008, 19:28:29
Hi All,
        Not sure if it has been discussed but can someone please enlighten me on how to prime up fuel to the fuel filter if you were to run out of fuel in the i30 crdi.My 4.2L diesel on my landcruise has a priming pump on top of the fuel filter to cover this problem.I may have over looked it but I just can,t see it.thanks
Title: Re: Priming your i30
Post by: Pip on December 04, 2008, 19:36:42
Pretty sure I read somewhere that this is not needed... can't find it now though.
Title: Re: Priming your i30
Post by: r5e on December 04, 2008, 20:10:26
Sorry if this is not a definitive answer, as my wife has her i30 out today so I can't go and look under the bonnet. I think from memory that the fuel filter was right down behind the engine stuck to the firewall and it may have had a little tiny round cap on the top which would have also been a manual priming pump, but I'm sure you'd know how to look for this if you've already seen it on your LC. It may be (as is the case in some modern diesels) that there is an electric priming/lifter pump between the tank and the filter (in some cases inside the tank, as in an old Landrover I had) and all you need to do to prime it is to leave the key in the ignition position for a minute or two before trying to crank it to give it time to prime.
Hopefully someone else can come back with a final answer?
Title: Re: Priming your i30
Post by: Lakes on December 04, 2008, 21:33:52
Hi Gary, not 100%\ sure with the i30, but my nephew has the late model 2.5 CR nissan turbo diesel Auto think it's a nivara duel cab 4WD. well he ran out of diesel at my place when it was almost new. it had a priming button on top of the fuel filter, and after putting 20 Lt in from a jerry can we pumped the button but would not start. he phonned nissan help they said its self priming, but the car was faceing downward on a slope, they told him to get it leavel so we did, after a lot of cranking over it finally fired up.
my i30 CRDi has the same button on the filter top so i would expect it would be the same. self priming. but don't quote me just check up with Hyundai service.
Title: Re: Priming your i30
Post by: garry on December 04, 2008, 21:48:53
Hi again guys, had a really good look again the fuel filter and it appears I over looked the priming pump,yes it does have one if you look closely at the fuel filter it is on the top of the filter were it should be, it just blendens in with the fuel filter as it is all silver and on my LC it is black(priming pump).I feel a bit silly now  but least I found it.Thanks again