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Title: In praise of the i30 SR/N-Line
Post by: Dazzler on September 25, 2019, 18:04:38
I'm not going to go over old ground as I've said plenty on here about the "features and benefits" of my 2017 i30 PD SR.

Now that she's traded after doing around 66,500 kilometres in 26 and a half months I just thought I'd post a few words.

Basically all I want to say is the SR/N-Line is a brilliant car. Aside from a few QC issues (like warm start problems) which I fortunately didn't have, it definitely punches well above its weight.

It always amazed me how well it filled the shoes of the Holden Calais V that I had previously (which was also awesome)

I think the biggest strength of the SR/N-Line is the overall balance of features/ value/ performance/ Economy and user friendliness.

I could count things that needed improving on one hand and some of those can be negated by paying the extra money for the Premium Version.

In the case of my SR probably the worst thing which wasn't easily fixable was Road/Tyre noise. The headlights  could have also been better but I fixed that with aftermarket ones (or pay the extra and get the Premium with LED's)

I'm really struggling to come up with much else to complain about. Maybe the ride which could be a bit jiggly on certain roads with the 40 series tyres on 18" wheels.. but I think that's it. The suspension tune was pretty close to perfect though and it was probably the best handling car I've owned.

It's a real testament to the SR that I can easily come up with more faults on my new Hybrid (relatively minor ones) and most of my other cars that the i30.

Must say, we loved all four i30's we had for different reasons.

Long live the i30!

Title: Re: In praise of the i30 SR/N-Line
Post by: Dazzler on November 19, 2019, 16:02:15
I just did almost 6000 Kilomtres in one month in my new Hybrid Camry. So it got to 9000 kilometres the day before it turned 2 months old!  :crazy1: :crazy1: :crazy1:

I'll post some pictures of our trip in the appropriate section when I get a chance.

My Wife had about three 100 kilometres drives during the trip when I got a bit weary on bigger driving days. While she didn't mind the new Hybrid, she did make the comment after these drives that the SR was an easier car to drive and did an amazing job on our previous road trips.

While the Hybrid is a sensational cruiser and more economical than the SR (reported overall economy on trip 5.4 L/100 kms, calculated figure slightly better at 5.288 L/100 kms.) it certainly has more room for improvement (little things) than the SR does.

The Hybrid is supposed to use Premium 95 or higher fuel but E10 is acceptable. I ended up using 95 where I saw it cheap and E10 the rest of the time. Of the 317 litres of fuel I used roughly one third was E10. It was hard to know for sure, but it appeared the premium made up to .4 litres per Kilometre difference. Got down to 4.8 overall at one stage, but think some of this was warmer days which the Hybrid likes as doesn't bother to preheat the ICE engine when over say 20 degrees C.

Two of reasons I swapped to the bigger car were the extra boot space and the presumed better ride.

The extra 125 off litres of boot space was indeed very handy, but sson got gobbled up with extra stuff we decided to take. With Trish buying about 25 books plus some xmas presents for the grandkids and me getting clothes and shoes etc..for my Birthday we still ended up with an over flow on the back floor and seat.

As for the ride, it is better, but considering the SR rode on 18" wheels with 40 series tyres and Hybrid has 55 series tyres on 17" wheels the difference wasn't as huge as I expected. Again it accentuates what an amazing job the engineers did with the tuning of the SR's suspension. I missed the SR on the more challenging winding roads we encountered on our trip to Queensland (got as far north as Hervey Bay)

Pretty much the only way Hyundai could improve the SR is reduce the road noise.

I could make a list of maybe 7 or 8 (small things) Toyota could improve on the Camry (most of which the SR does better)  :victory:

Am I sorry I traded my SR? (yes, probably a little bit) but that says more about the SR than the Hybrid which is a great looking, economical quiet and comfortable car that to be honest feels like a limousine in most situations.  :cool: 

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