Author Topic: Anyone have a Ryco Microshield Cabin Filter in their FD?  (Read 192 times)

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For the Hyundai i30 FD, the RCA240MS is an upgrade from the standard RCA240P.

However there's a problem. It's designed backwards.

The FD has a two part filter with a solid plastic frame. It can only fit in one way, with the smaller piece on the far right, due to the plastic cut out in the top right corner. The two little plastic tabs on the front must be together also, aligned on the right hand side, otherwise they wont fit in the gap that the front cover has for them. In the intake vent, air flows from the top of the dash and is sucked downwards through the filter, trapping particles on the top, and then through the fan below.

Ryco Live Chat confirms the problem, and also confirms the air flow direction is that air flows in the purple side, and out the white side, as per the arrow printed on the side. If you put it this way around, it does not fit. If you put it in the only way it can fit, the air flow would be backwards - in the white and out the purple.

If you're a visual person, here's some photos:
:link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Here's what Ryco said:

The purple side will need to be facing the direction of the inward air

So I explained how it fits only in upside down, with air flowing in the white side, and out the purple side, and sent those photos:

Looking at it, there seems to be an issue with our RCA240MS. As the cut out on the smaller piece is on the wrong end
At this time my best recommendation is if possible to swap it over for the RCA240p
I'll speak to the product development team on this part.
The date is very useful as it will assist us in determining the batch and see if this is a batch issue or manufacturing issue

In terms of it being a batch issue or manufacturing/design issue, the photo on their website for the product is also a flawed design, so i'm leaning towards every one of these filters being designed incorrectly. Mine says 25/10/2015 as the date on the side for reference.

Does anyone else have one of these? Does yours have this problem too and were you aware of it?
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Re: Anyone have a Ryco Microshield Cabin Filter in their FD?
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No, I just used REPCO budget line charcoaled ones, so I guess you just get a refund and purchase something else.
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