Author Topic: engine revving when in park, automatic transmission, 2013 i30 1.6 diesel  (Read 1502 times)

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HI all

Thought id share my experience, I use my 2013 i30 1.6 diesel tourer as a taxi and last night had a scare. Put the car in park and turned it off, went to start it and the revs were up around 1200rpm and jumping about, there was also a loud noise coming form the engine, I thought the automatic tranny wasn't engaging so knocked it off and tried again, same thing!!!. Eventually after a few starts just put it into drive and drove home. I was sure it was a automatic transmission problem, brought it to my mechanic and thankfully it did it again. It turns out its only the alternator pulley that was making the noise and causing the revs to go up and down, I was sooo happy!!!
Just thought id share this with you in case someone is or will experience this kind of issue, pulley is about 40 euro and change the belt (20euro) while you at it, total cost about 120euro! A hell of a lot better then a transmission!!!!
All the best!!

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Excellent! Thanks so much marc!

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