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September 05, 2020, 05:24:33 by Roubsan | Views: 1197 | Comments: 5

Cruise Control
Hi guys. I'm having an issue with my cruise control. When engaged it keeps speeding up. For example when I set it to 100 kph it slightly accelerates to 105, 110 and so on. Even my cruise and set lights do not light up on my dashboard. I do have a little LED above my light adjuster switch on the left side of the dash (it's a LHD). This LED turns on green when the system is on and turn orange when a speed is set. It's really annoying I can't use the cruise control properly...
August 31, 2020, 17:46:06 by Foxo | Views: 1124 | Comments: 6

Hey guys,
On my way to work this morning I lost low beam headlights, both at the same time!
I had to drive in the dark with my fog lights / high beams when suitable until I had a reasonable spot to pull over.
I can’t seem to find the headlight fuse in the book? 2012 (my13) petrol i30

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated
August 27, 2020, 16:08:11 by BigTone | Views: 913 | Comments: 5

Hello there. Posted on here before but a long time ago. Anyway I have a problem with my 2014 I30 1.6 CRDI clutch. It has been in and had a new clutch put in it but it still bites very close to the floor. The mechanic reckons the slave cylinder is also okay. It feels to me like there is too much movement at that pedal before it starts to put pressure into the system. Has anybody else had any sort of problem like this before?.

Many thanks in advance, Tony
Ps. I’ve got a few other problems with this car which I hope you can help me with  :D
August 17, 2020, 07:49:19 by Bob Bunton | Views: 1271 | Comments: 5

Problems & Issues
Hi all,     My 2009 Hyundai i30 back stop lights are not working but the overhead back light comes on when I press the brake pedal.  I have read the forum responses from similar previous post.  I have checked the globes which are OK and earthing looks good..    I have tried resetting the ecu - I was careful to earth the positive connection after I disconnected the battery earth so capacitors would be discharged.     This action had worked for a previous forum member.    I have looked up the wiring diagram for the stop lights for the i30.     The wiring diagram shows that it is very unlikely to have the two lower stop lights off and at the same time have the center upper stop light illuminated.   So I guess the wiring diagram may not be accu...
August 09, 2020, 16:26:08 by DarraghR | Views: 1278 | Comments: 3

Oil Leak
Hi everyone. I own a 2010 1.4 i30 and have noticed the oil depleting over the past few months. Looking into and under the engine bay there looks to be oil in lots of spots unless I have mistaken it for something else?

What part of the car is that in picture 8 behind the engine? There has been a lot of heat coming from it and when driving in hot weather or when its raining I can see steam or smoke through the windshield. I also get a smell through the air con of what could be oil burning.

:link: Car Oil Leak Video on Vimeo

[img width=800 height=450]https://iili.io/dMFD...
August 09, 2020, 05:50:26 by Bighvm | Views: 1328 | Comments: 1

Pleased to say that on recent good range trips of over 300 miles plus, Trip computer is reporting over 55 miles a gallon... I consider that really good as all trips had 3 people, fishing gear and a/c on all the time.... plus cruise control on as much as possible.
Well pleased!
August 06, 2020, 21:06:34 by Jonesyvt | Views: 1391 | Comments: 16

Oil Pump
Hello all, I have just installed a catch can on my 2014 diesel i30 hatch.
Any interest on the excellent forum about catch cans and there purpose and usefulness?

I can provide more detail and long term results if people are keen.

Jonesyvt in Perth WA, Australia
August 06, 2020, 11:16:45 by grantgibson | Views: 1184 | Comments: 1

 have developed a bad turbo whistle and lost a bit of top end power so spent yesterday with my mate and we did the following;

disconnect intercooler pipe and air filter box

attached a baked bean can where the filter box would usually be

held our hand over the intercooler pipe and inflated the system to around 15 psi to check for leaks in pipes - no issues

We then went around the exhaust gate valve which was being actuated quite frequently --> chasing the pipes towards the front of the engine we found the air vacuum / boost pressure valve and when we disconnected one of the hoses or clamped the hose the turbo whistle stopped

I have ordered a replacement part online but it seems you can'...
August 02, 2020, 10:44:18 by mesher | Views: 684 | Comments: 4

Android Auto
Hi all, just wondering any folks have had issues with their Auto link Premium when they encounter a "network unstable" issue appearing on their app?
Phone reception is fine (have tried 2 different phones) without any luck.
I've had Auto link premium for about 4 weeks (since I got my car from the dealer) and after the 1st "complimentary" service, it seems to have stopped working.
Down in Victoria , Australia here ( hopefully not linked to our recently announced lockdown)  :undecided:
July 16, 2020, 10:13:35 by Mister Paul | Views: 1079 | Comments: 11

Roof Rack

I'm picking up a 2017 i30 on Saturday. I'm looking at roof bars for it. Does anyone know who makes them for Hyundai? I'm asking because non-dealer is usually cheaper but the Hyundai ones aren't a bad price. If they're made by a Thule or Atera or someone like that they might be worth it.

Does anyone know?

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