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May 20, 2018, 12:01:45 by Umanist | Views: 933 | Comments: 5

Glow Plug
Hi everyone,

I have 3 snapped tips stuck in the engine after removing the 4 glow plugs. i30 2011 1.6crdi hatch.

It seems the actual heating tip is too big for the hole into which it has been put due maybe some expansion of the element inside this tip or build up of carbon deposits jamming it in place.

When removing it you get a long unwinding spring looking thing which is the element. Pulling this makes no difference - the tip is stuck fast.

This car has given me endless problems. I was attempting to pressure test each cylinder, so removing the glow plugs seems the only way to do this with the kit I ordered?
However  - the glow plugs have now thrown up yet another big problem.

I n...
May 16, 2018, 11:54:42 by andre83440 | Views: 3936 | Comments: 8

I'm getting used to Warning Lights on the i30 ... the dashboard warning light started coming on randomly and continues to sometimes be on ... sometimes off ... or a variation in between!

I tested for error codes but there was nothing, clean as a whistle.  I checked under the drivers seat to see if the cable was loose but seems to be intact.  I went to the garage in France and the car decided there was no way it was showing a warning light to a Hyundai technician so unsurprisingly he couldn't find anything. 

I am aware that one shouldn't fiddle about with the airbag system but has anyone had something similar so I can at least point a clueless Hyundai specialist in the right direction  :)

May 11, 2018, 17:10:21 by JL1ndmark | Views: 3987 | Comments: 4

EGR Valve

I have recently bought an Hyundai I30 and it's my first car. I have very little knowledge about cars and especially fixing them!

With that said; I would like to change all that and there is probably no better way than getting problems on your own car... :D

I have read about this problem in this forum and from what I hear its not a huge job (It will be for me ofc).
In recent post there has also been photos showing all the necessary steps with comments to it. Unfortunately for me those photos are not longer available.

So my question to you guys are:

1. Will a complete rookie solve this? Or is it better to leave it for repair?
2. How do i solve it (Please with pictur...
May 09, 2018, 18:21:19 by BrendanP | Views: 606 | Comments: 1

Brake Pads
The attached pdf is a step by step guide to what I did to replace the handbrake shoes, discs, and pads, on a 2011 UK-spec CRDi. The photos are referred to in the text.

May 09, 2018, 14:08:08 by dean069 | Views: 905 | Comments: 10

Sat Nav
Hi guys
I look for a thread on this but all post are not UK based
Question is about sat nav is there a way of updating it and not spending a fortune from the dealer
April 27, 2018, 09:08:42 by Craig | Views: 4927 | Comments: 37

Hello all,

Well the old girl doesn't get used as much nowadays (once per week 23 miles each way) but had still been pretty much faultless until today.  I'd noticed recently that it seemed a little harder to get into gear.  Noting terrible just the lever felt a bit stiffer.  Then today it seemed like it took a couple of tries to get into reverse, and once on a steep car park exit it seemed to slip out of D.  Then I noticed that it stops showing the D on the dash when in drive after a few seconds, until I pull the lever back a bit.  It still seems to drive and shift fine (the gearbox has never missed a beat until now), but something is definitely amiss.

Can anyone suggest the likely cause?  It's done 85k miles on the ori...
April 26, 2018, 06:07:24 by Bx Tiger fan | Views: 2542 | Comments: 37

Spark Plug
My 2011 i30 hatch developed a mis-fire last weekend; dealer in town says the head is porous and this has let the coolant leak into the spark plug; says only option is to replace the head, plus the associated work, approx. cost of $5200.00

Has anyone else had the same issue or similar, as I am looking for some advice on a less expensive fix.


Bx Tiger fan
April 24, 2018, 07:49:46 by aanastasiou4 | Views: 1222 | Comments: 10

Reversing Camera
I retrofitted today the OEM hyundai badge camera. I only connected the open/close function since I am waiting for my GD-03 head-unit to arrive!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
April 22, 2018, 08:31:54 by dean069 | Views: 2561 | Comments: 14

Parking Sensors
Hi guys I have a 2008 i30
Lately when in reverse the beep of death comes on, a constant beep
Now I know probably one of the sensors has gone
Should I buy 3 or is the a way just getting one and just try one if it doesn’t work and then try the 2nd one and 3rd

Any help please

April 17, 2018, 13:41:55 by billy638 | Views: 543 | Comments: 1

Door Handle (internal)
Hey guys, today I tried to open my driver door from the inside to get out but it wasn't working. The door wouldn't open. So after a couple of tries I gave up and got out from the other door.  Now after I came back from work I opened with my key and from the outside it opens fine like usual. When I got home I opened the door from the inside again and it worked. So this seems like some part needs replacing. Has this happened to anyone or what needs replacing. Thanks!
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