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December 27, 2018, 08:29:04 by Helen | Views: 1717 | Comments: 11

Key Fob
Hi there.

I have a 2009 i30cw wagon. Earlier today, my remote was working fine, went to use it tonight and it won’t work. Have tried both keys and a new battery. The red light shows on the button, but it won’t lock or unlock the doors. I have tried putting the ignition to accessories and holding down the unlock button and then again holding down the lock button but still no luck. Went for a 20 minute drive and that also hasn’t fixed the problem. We also have a 2011 manual hatch that hasn’t been driven for a few weeks and the key for that has stopped working also. Does anyone know what could be causing this? TIA
December 23, 2018, 08:43:41 by 123damo | Views: 1732 | Comments: 9

Hey there guys and gals,

I just came across your forum tonight and am hoping someone may be able to help me out.

I have recently bought an i30 2009 hatch and it has a standard stereo system, looks similar to this:
:link: HYUNDAI I30 STEREO RADIO CD MP3 PLAYER 96160-2L200 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 | eBay
(this isn't mine, I just found it on google)

It also has a Bluetooth Phone piece wired above the driver door (BT V01). I can pair via bluetooth fine on my Android phone and my girlfriends iPhone also pairs to it fine. However when it's paired it just beeps repeated...
December 22, 2018, 17:47:45 by wolvesmarc | Views: 1678 | Comments: 5

ESC light
Administrator Comment From :link: SOLVED: ESC light on at 50 mph - every time - help needed

Hi, new on here but have been meaning to get round to registering for a while to see if I could get help with a few bits.

Today I noticed the ECS light on permanently (Only ever seen it flicker when it has gone into action once or twice) Not sure what speed I had been doing just before that as I'm not sure what point it actually came on.

Switched ignition off at lights, restarted engine and it was gone. Then without noticing when, it was back. Again - Turned off ignition at lights and when I got the chance put foot down to see if a certain spe...
December 19, 2018, 14:24:25 by webby | Views: 732 | Comments: 6

Air Con
Hi I'm newby to the site so forgive me if  go on a bit .  We have a  2011 i30 cw  (cracking car )  and the when ya turn the fan on  No1 setting it's barely running  , but whack it up too No4  and it's on full blast . I am thinking it's the resistor  (I had a mk 1 focus  that did the same  so I changed it a few times  ) pls could I have a second opinion?. And I also I'm not  sure where this resistor is located in the i30 , I've not tinkered with this Motor much  so any help  would be appreciated.
December 19, 2018, 04:28:37 by nzenigma | Views: 667 | Comments: 0

Hint & Tips
Tachometer not working and ESP OFF light on.

This is a complaint that reoccurs online, but, as yet has not been conclusively resolved. Unfortunately, original posters seeking advice, rarely have the courtesy to advise their advisors of the failings or the success of proposed remedies.
 Drilling down into the inter-babble, I conclude that the probable cause is a failing crank shaft position sensor (CKP).

A crank sensor (CKP) is an electronic device used in both petrol and diesel engines to monitor the position or rotational speed (RPM) of the crankshaft. This information is used by engine management systems to control the fuel injection, the ignition timing and other engine parameters.

Usually the compl...
December 18, 2018, 01:59:31 by Sharpie | Views: 726 | Comments: 3

I purchased a 2016 I30 Tourer wagon in 31 July 2018 - still under warranty obviously. Have had problems from the start with the "dual clutch" auto transmission, excessive engine braking, excessive engine revving. Finally had the dealer "fix " the transmission (apparently replaced the lot) , picked car up Friday, still not working properly, gear changes in lower gears very rough, still excessive revving and engine braking especially in the lower gears.
Is anyone aware of a general issue with the dual clutch transmission?  The dealer has told me to drive it for a month so the new clutch etc can "get used to my driving habits".  Is this for real??  Today the car "stalled" as I moved off from a standing start and entered an intersection - ...
December 11, 2018, 02:46:02 by bagerlk | Views: 2572 | Comments: 38

Cartronics have just released new firmware for the TL-01, DM-01, AD-01, FS-02, GD-03 and GD-04 head units dated December 11, 2018 containing Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, Bluetooth enhancements and bug fixes. The version numbers of the new firmware are:

SW Ver: 2.05.10
Micom: 3.28.00
Platform: 1.76.00

Notable fixes include:

LCD Display - Blank (black), green or noisy image may be displayed on the LCD screen when the vehicle is started and the transmission shifted to Drive
Reverse Camera - Blank (black), green or noisy image may be displayed on the LCD screen after the transmission is shifted to reverse
Reverse Camera - Reverse camera image may co...
December 09, 2018, 03:17:59 by marc.knuckle | Views: 1304 | Comments: 28

Dash Cam
Hi all

I was looking into fitting a dash cam to the i30 but didn't really want to mess around connecting to the fuse box. Is there an easier way. For example, are the power sockets both permanent live or ignition live i could use?


p.s. for future reference, is there a letter designation for my 67 plate i30? Like my Astra being a 59 plate was an Astra H.
December 07, 2018, 08:02:00 by marc.knuckle | Views: 1786 | Comments: 19

Door Locking
Hi guys

I found a previous thread on this but couldn't add to it unfortunately.

Bought a new i30, 67 plate, a week or so ago. This morning when i got in the door wouldn't stay shut. On checking outside the handle was stuck out. It went back in easy enough.

Anyone know the easiest solution for this? It's wd40 safe for the paint work if i squirt some in?

Cheers, Marc
December 01, 2018, 06:53:51 by thebeardedone | Views: 1550 | Comments: 8

So I've had my 2012 FD for almost a year now. Recently the car started jerking during acceleration and the radio goes on the fritz.

It felt like the car was misfiring, so I took it in to Hyundai, they checked it out an said there was just a loose connector. I drove it home from the dealership and it was fine for that trip and the radio behaved itself as well.

The next I left to go to work and the problem was back. The past day or so the car also seems to idle a little rough and it feels like the power just isn't there anymore.

The radio works fine on FM and AM but I switch to USB, it reads the drive, plays the song for a few seconds and then goes back to FM, then detects there's a ub drive and repeats the p...
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