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July 18, 2019, 20:58:42 by Tusk | Views: 1165 | Comments: 4

Hi All,

I've owned my SR DCT for 8 months now and just hit the 20k mark this morning. Other than the issue I posted in another thread (which was my fault, not a fault of the car), I've had no issues at all other than a fan button that sticks occasionally.

I still can't believe how quiet the engine is, even when giving it the boot compared to our other car which is a MY14.5 Outlander. Road noise on the other hand is pretty average at highway speeds but with my music blasting it isn't too bad. I've heard people comment on how average the stereo is, but I'm really happy with it. Bass is impressive!

I've never really used sport mode (except for the odd quick take off) until yesterday when I did 50klms with it on...
July 17, 2019, 16:31:12 by Muzz258 | Views: 1233 | Comments: 2

Door Locking
Hi All

Went to unlock the car this morning and it will not unlock.  Nil response from the remote and the key in the door lock will not unlock it either.  Any suggestions on getting in besides breaking a window?


July 16, 2019, 03:50:49 by Omerfs | Views: 1459 | Comments: 7

Hi Everyone,

It happened first in December 2018, After parking my car at mall, It didn't start after I came back, called road side assistance, he tried his best but nothing happened, After that two mechanics check they confirmed it is an issue with electronics so better to check with Hyundai, which I couldn't get appointment for next 2-3 months. Then car got started after checking from the third local mechanic. He said the issue was immobilizer software he fixed it by resetting or reinstalling it.
Every thing was going fine till last week, I was going up hill and Engine shut down suddenly while driving :crazy1:, It wasn't starting again same issue which happened in December.
I went to Huyndai this time and asked them...
July 10, 2019, 03:39:21 by Surferdude | Views: 283 | Comments: 1

:link: 2018 Hyundai i30 SR (sunroof) review | CarAdvice

It just ticked all the boxes for me: fun to drive, comfortable, affordable, latest tech and reliable.
July 08, 2019, 14:17:27 by GaKu | Views: 1682 | Comments: 13

Over the last 5 months both the low beams, a back light, a numberplate light and the cabin lights have blown out.  :'(  :crazy1:
I have read other older threads about similar issues and there were some suggestions about cleaning the earthing point
Can someone please point out where this is? Pictures in those threads are no longer available.  : :(
July 06, 2019, 14:45:04 by akidosaint | Views: 1415 | Comments: 6

My i30 (2018)  was broken into the other day (nothing stolen) they smashed the passenger window. Now every time i turn the ignition off i get a 10 beep warning and LCD display shows window is flashing. Glass was replaced but still get 10  beep warning.

Is there a way to clear this error?

June 27, 2019, 21:29:04 by JJ_16 | Views: 1701 | Comments: 5

hi there, 

with the recent storms in my area I have noticed there was a smell in my car  didn't  think much of it at first bought an air freshener had no rubbish around, then noticed the car felt very humid and damp as the smell got worse a week or so on I decided to do  clean out  my car had no rubbish and when I went to vacuum I picked up the back seat floor matt and it was soaked so much to the point it was dripping water I lifted it to find there were some mould spots from out damp it was . I was baffled as to how this could've  happened no one sits in the back . anyway I thought maybe one of my passengers spilt a bottle of water by mistake and didn't mention it. I dried it out and thought nothing of it a month or so later h...
June 26, 2019, 18:55:32 by Dazzler | Views: 1579 | Comments: 6

Ok, so I hit 60,000 kilometres in my SR yesterday 3 days shy of her 2nd birthday. I thought it might be a good opportunity to do a short summary of that 2 years.

Firstly bit of background...

Our 1st i30 was a Moonlight blue Manual 2008 FD Manual SLX which we had for roughly 2 years and did similar mileage I think. At the time it was without doubt the best car I'd owned in my first 30 odd years of driving. Just loved the torque and barely had an issue with it. Don't think I made a warranty claim but the tailgate did occasionally refuse to unlock, so I would have had to eventually if I hadn't traded her in on a Camry Hybrid.

Around the same time, feeling guilty we didn't have an i30, I traded the wife's Niss...
June 19, 2019, 19:02:32 by JohnSRP | Views: 601 | Comments: 7

Honest review:

:link: 2017 Hyundai i30 SR review | CarAdvice
June 16, 2019, 18:56:00 by Blazorax | Views: 1434 | Comments: 1

Time flies ... I still love the bloody car.  It is such a joy to drive the car everyday.  The car does help with training self discipline because every time I sit in the car, the temptation of gunning it and zoom.  Yet "nearly" always lift off the pedal before over the speed limit.

I need to take it out for a long drive more often.  Took it for 300km drive to Blue Mountain and back and the car record fuel consumption around 6.6l/100km which I am really happy about.  Sydney driving is around 9.2l/km. 

Car servicing is way cheaper than the Subaru Outback, so pretty happy on that regard as well.  I do not care about branding, I just need a reliable and fun car to drive and the I30 SR Premium ticked all the boxes for me s...
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