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October 28, 2019, 00:41:52 by quankino | Views: 2190 | Comments: 15

My FD has a rattle in the driver side dashboard that drives me crazy. Sounds like a loose bolt rolling on a plastic surface. It comes and goes randomly when the car is warm or slightly turning right. Been tracing it down for a while but still no luck. Anyone has any idea about this matter, please?

:link: Hyundai i30 rattle - YouTube
October 26, 2019, 07:37:15 by keitho | Views: 1677 | Comments: 3

i30 1.6 CRDI premium
Wiper functions fine and parks OK in fast, slow and single wipe.
Interval mode doesn't function at all and washer works OK but no wiper function with it.
Thinking relay but don't have spare to check.

Could it be BCM ? think unlikely as all other functions on car work OK.

Maybe the washer working but with no wipe might be a giveaway for someone with more knowledge of the system.

Any help gratefully appreciated
October 24, 2019, 18:03:08 by sunstealth | Views: 441 | Comments: 4

Spark Plug
MY GD is a 2013 with 121 000 kms I need to change my spark plugs (as well as coolant flush and brake fluid inspection and a bunch of other things)

but the plugs are honestly really expensive. The OEM replacement are about 32$ each retail as my dad's got a garage I can get them for 26$

I know the oem plugs are iridium X , could i replace them with platinum ones (7$ each so 28$ for all 4) without issues ?

I dont mind less mileage out of them the car will get used a lot less shortly!
October 20, 2019, 21:40:36 by steve89 | Views: 2052 | Comments: 8

Oil Leak
Hi All,

I got a new 2019 i30 PD Active auto a few months ago, and recently, when I was looking under the car at the rear where i think the fuel tank is, I saw some kind of spray on stuff on the tank.  Not sure what this is?  Initially, I thought it was road mud/dirt, but closer look it actually stuck on the surface. 
Does anyone knows what this is ? and what purpose does it serves?

October 18, 2019, 16:50:40 by Stuwoolf | Views: 1880 | Comments: 10

With less than 46,000 miles my i30 needed a new clutch. I put this down to the car being a hire car for first 10,000 miles of its life.

During the process of removing the clutch it became apparent there was an other issue. There was engine oil all over the place. Crankshaft oil seal needed replacing.

After new seal and clutch fitted every thing was sweet.......for about 150 miles. Then the clutch began to slip and judder. In 3rd gear, when driving, slight pressure on clutch pedal causes judder. Only reducing speed stops the judder. Also in 2nd giving it some gas the clutch slips for about 10-20 seconds (revs rise, foot off gas, revs fall and the slipping can be felt to stop as friction plate gets grip).

October 09, 2019, 15:13:04 by Lorian | Views: 1999 | Comments: 6

So I've had the n-line some weeks now. I've lost track.  for those who don't know I used to have a FD 1.6 CRDi and now I have an n-line 1.4 GDI.

This thread is just random observations, some comparisons, and perhaps something about rubber. These things are probably all in other people's threads.

The 1.4 GDI is a quite a schizophrenic engine. It has some low down torque, just enough to stop me missing the CRDi. Its perfectly possible to change gear early and drive on the torque. Then there is the middle rev-range, really a place not to find yourself if you are wanting to move. But then at 4.5K+ on the rev counter the engine is most definitely feeling like a petrol and ready to push you a long quite quickly.And of course...
October 08, 2019, 05:15:26 by gtd2000 | Views: 1984 | Comments: 11

I'm looking at removing my swirl control actuator to see if I can service the item and clear the error code once re-installed.

I'm somewhat stumped at how this is removed at the swirl flap end?

Here's the actuator assembly:

You can see the pivot point on the actuator in the middle of this image (white nylon washer) and then the connecting rod that goes down towards the swirl flaps at the manifold.

At the end of the connecting rod it looks like there's a split pin and a 10mm nut but it does not look like an easy access scenario and I'm concerned that ...
September 25, 2019, 18:04:38 by Dazzler | Views: 2047 | Comments: 1

I'm not going to go over old ground as I've said plenty on here about the "features and benefits" of my 2017 i30 PD SR.

Now that she's traded after doing around 66,500 kilometres in 26 and a half months I just thought I'd post a few words.

Basically all I want to say is the SR/N-Line is a brilliant car. Aside from a few QC issues (like warm start problems) which I fortunately didn't have, it definitely punches well above its weight.

It always amazed me how well it filled the shoes of the Holden Calais V that I had previously (which was also awesome)

I think the biggest strength of the SR/N-Line is the overall balance of features/ value/ performance/ Economy and user friendliness.

I coul...
September 16, 2019, 14:07:00 by jonnyplantpot | Views: 2176 | Comments: 9

So we have a 2010 i30 1.6 Diesel.
When the clutch is pressed then it makes a squeaking noise.
It does this when the engine is off.
The clutch feels ok and the bite point doesnít feel like itís moved.
When drive, once the clutch is down, the squeak is gone.
The pressure is taken off the clutch, it doesnít squeak.
The squeak is louder on the outside of the car, than when sat inside; i.e itís coming from the engine bay.

Had a read of this....
:link: Clutch squeak mystery
...and wandered off fairly content that itís a squeak on the release lever and not a big deal.

In the mea...
September 14, 2019, 22:27:02 by quankino | Views: 840 | Comments: 12

This is a small sunday DIY.
Iím the second owner and the previous one messed up with the steering wheel. Today I decided to try out the glue method by same Youtubers.

A few holes on the top

Fill it with super glue and sand down with 1200

Mark and paint

Outcome. Not too bad and Iím happy with that.
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