Author Topic: HID problems after installation. Flashes and turn off when starting the engine..  (Read 2146 times)

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I have a strange problem that I canīt sort out by myself.
I have installed HID conversion kit on many cars, but I haver never seen this failure before.

My cars is a 2013 i30 CW.

After installing the Converson Kit, everything is working just fine until the engine starts.
The headligt "starts up" and stays on for a couple of seconds, flashes a few times and then "dark black" and switch off. Turn off the engine, lock the cars, unlock it and everything went back to normal.
Whith the engine turned off, the headlamps can be "on" several minutes without any problems, but as soon as you start the engine everything "goes bananas".

I really canīt figure why!
With the engine turned off, headlamps on, the voltage on the HID is about 12.7V.
When the engine running, headlamp start to flash a couple of times and then "shuts down", the voltage on the HID is about 14.6V. I donīt understand why the HID is shutting down! Even if I "reconnect" the power to the HID, still engine running", it wouldnīt start. I have to stop the engine to make it work normal again. STRANGE!

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I couldn't solve it in other ways than to install a "relay" with separate + and minus direct from the battery. The  "trigger cable" came from the original lamp holder. My English isnīt so good, but itīs the same "principal" for this as for installing extra high beam lamps.

Now everything is seems to be working just fine.
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