Author Topic: I30 dull light fix  (Read 920 times)

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I30 dull light fix
« July 18, 2014, 23:55:46 »
The headlights of my 2014 I 30 are very inadequate.  I do a bit of night driving in roo country and seeking advice on the best fix.  Would replacing the h/light bulbs with stronger ones be enough improvement, or am I looking at fitting driving lights.  Any advice appreciated.  thanks.....

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Re: I30 dull light fix
« Reply #1 : July 19, 2014, 00:12:11 »
Hi!i30autoju, Many things you can try,we have two of the earlier FD's,neither of their lights are what I would call brilliant,one I believe the pre delivery was not even done properly,as the lights on that where absolutely deplorable and two Hyundai dealers had no idea how to adjust them correctly,I ended up after three tries by Hy done by an independent garage.

Using the Phillips Hi vision 120 plus makes a big difference given the lights are adjusted correctly,spotlights are an option,I have 9" HID's on both of mine,I have clear vision for 800 metres and then like normal headlights for another 4 to 6 hundred metres,again spotlights set correctly good spread of light forwards and side vision.

Just a wrod of advice if you go down the spottie road,don't scrimp and try and save money with some of the HID lights on ebay,with the euro reflectors,they're crap,great vision directly in front of the car and no real throw,same with light bars,give excellent short distance light(to a couple of hundred metres)excellent for that
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