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i30 multimedia version
« November 25, 2016, 12:36:59 »
Just got my i30 (2014) and the multimedia version looks too old..
I coudln't figure out what is the version so I'm attaching a picture of the INFO screnn.
If anyone knows how to update it, it will be awesom

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Re: i30 multimedia version
« Reply #1 : December 10, 2016, 00:56:34 »
In the words Schultz - I know nothing!

I am guessing that in the MCU line the 13-06-17 is likely the build date of the firmware.   Which might be about right for a 2014 model - taking into account production lead times.

As I can't tell which country/region you are in it is hard to give advice - not that I have much specific knowledge or advice to give.   Likewise with your car details... esp. when combined with not knowing your country... can make it hard for members to advise.  Though largely irrelevant for this topic...  Engine type: Petrol or CRDi? Engine size (some markets had more than one size and/or countries like NZ have used overseas imports)?

As to updates - no idea sorry.  A Hyundai Service Center should be able to update (there might be a fee involved - or it might get done during a service at no cost).

I do know in some countries (I think for navigation models) there was customer downloadable firmware available - the UK/EU was one.   However I think that changed when the mapping company got brought by a group of competing car companies.

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