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Diesel bug..?
« May 23, 2017, 15:30:23 »
You folks out there used to diesel bug, can you help..?

Is this diesel bug..?

Background: This a a friend's car a 2007 Peugeot 407 2,0 HDI. (sorry)
Last summer he went to Croatia towing his caravan, and on the day of return he filled up at a gasstation at the highway. ca 500 km later when he reached Southern Germany, the car wouldn't pull anymore and engine light was on. Towed to a garage where they said, bad fuel (water.?)

Had the tank cleaned, new fuel filter and off he went the next day. Shortly after the engine light came on again, but he could drive the last 1200 km home.

Have had the car looked at a few month ago at a Peugeot dealer, replaced 2 injectors and the fuel filter.

Last week the engine light came on again and he can feel engine vibrations at ca 2200 revs in any gear. Today he had it booked into a local garage (same place that did my glowplug/head replacement) and this is what they showed us when we arrived. The picture is the fuel filter housing and the fuel filter was completely black and an error code logged regarding too low fuel pressure.

Is this what diesel bug looks like..?  (we're not used to that problem around here)

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Re: Diesel bug..?
« Reply #1 : May 23, 2017, 17:33:52 »
 :eek: Yep!
Initially  it looks opaque , lots of small blobs of jelly. Then you get a black sooty deposit on the filters etc etc. It is  abrasive and can ruin injectors etc.

Two likely reasons for the second dose: he has got fuel from the same supplier. or more than likely, the tank was not cleaned thoroughly and hit with a larger than normal amount of anti fungal treatment.
I use Liqui Moly, for suspect diesel and after cleaning I suggest just running 15-20 litres of new fuel from a busy servo with a fast turn over and adding a double to triple dose of the Luqi Moli.
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Re: Diesel bug..?
« Reply #2 : May 23, 2017, 17:44:47 »
Don't be sorry Henning! We are always glad to help. I'm just happy it's not your car this time!  :sweating:

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