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Rear seat covers - 2017 i30 SR PD
« March 04, 2018, 07:30:01 »
Wanted to post some pictures and a quick breakdown of the process. Brand new i30 SR owner, had the car for almost two weeks.

The fronts seats don't have any cover on them, but for the rear I want some covers due to my son regularly being a grub and our dog sometimes being in the back.

I did plenty of googling and didn't find much, other than this site: :link: Car Seat Covers - Premium Quality, Lowest Prices?. I ordered the rear covers in neoprene and they arrived around a week later.

Then the fun of fitting them started. If you want to do the same, here's how:

1. Remove the rear bench seat.

All my previous cars had front folding bench seats, so I had a bit of trouble trying to work the i30's bench out. Eventually I discovered I needed to remove two bolts.

These bolts are easily accessible from the boot if you remove the false floor. I think they were 10mm or 12mm. Easy to remove with a shifter.

Here is a closer look at one side (they are the same on both sides)

Once you have the bolts out, you have to pop the two clips out on the other side of the bench. Hard to photograph, but if you put your hand as shown in the photo and pull up, they just pop out.

2. Fit the cover to the bench seat

With the bench out, it's easy to fit the cover to the bench. I suggest taking it inside and placing it on your bed or a table for ease of access. The cover fits on easily and only one way, you can't mess it up.

3. Fit the head rest covers

You'll need to take the head rests off before you can fit the seat back covers anyway, so might as well fit them now. Simply slide them out and the covers fit straight on. The only trick is identifying which is for the centre, as it's physically smaller than the window seat head rests.

Do not put the head rests back in place yet.

4. Fit the centre arm rest cover

There is a small piece that covers the rear centre armrest. It's a little fiddly to slide it under the hinge, but just work the arm rest up and down a bit and you can slide it under.

5. Fit the rear seat back covers

The last piece of the puzzle. Due to the 60/40 split fold, you have to fit one at a time. The one for the 60% side has a velcro split that allows you to accomodate the centre seatbelt. Simply undo it, slide it under the belt and fold it around the whole seat back. It can take a bit of wrestling to get it lined up well, but once you have it in place it should be fine.

You can also zip up the flap that goes over the centre arm rest. You will know it's in position when the holes for the latch for folding the seats lines up well, same with the holes for the head rests.

Move on to the 40% side, which is a lot easier.

Once it's looking good, slide the ties under the back and move around to the boot to tie them together and cinch the whole thing down. I found this easiest with the seat backs folded down.

6. Put it all back together

Replace the head rests, put the seats back and place the bench back in place. I found it easier to slide the rear metal tabs on the bench in first, then snap the front ones into their slots by sitting on the seat. With it roughly in place, it's easy to put the bolts back in and tighten them up.

Once done, make some small adjustments and you're done!

So far, I'd definitely recommend these seat covers. They are well made and fit really well. I was surprised with the precision of some of the cut outs.

Knowing what I know now, I think you could have this done in 30 minutes. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!

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Re: Rear seat covers - 2017 i30 SR PD
« Reply #1 : March 04, 2018, 07:39:10 »
Looks good :goodjob2: they're well worth the money when dealing with children and pets.

I wish I'd had the neoprene covers in the back of my VK brockie after my Malamute decided to eat a dead blowfish down the beach and threw up disgusting green vile all over my rear seats :sicky:

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Re: Rear seat covers - 2017 i30 SR PD
« Reply #2 : March 04, 2018, 14:54:18 »

Wow! What an excellent 1st post! Thanks very much.

Just playing with their site, looks like you only paid $199 including free postage! That is cheap for neoprene!!

$400 for a full set!

I paid $500 just for custom made sheepskin (front only) for my SR and they reckon I was under quoted (should have been about $700) :crazy1:
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Re: Rear seat covers - 2017 i30 SR PD
« Reply #3 : March 04, 2018, 16:21:45 »
That's right, $199 delivered for the rear. I was really impressed with the fit and finish on all elements. It appears the company makes them on demand.

$199 well spent!
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