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Adding in Dash Cam
« March 12, 2018, 20:52:55 »
I am installing a Mini 0906 Dash Cam with Parking Guard into my 2016 I30 - The parking guard adaptr needs an earth (easy), an always on and a switched by ignition. I have a couple of "add-a-fuse" adaptors, so doing this in the fuse panel is the most logical place - question is, which  existing fuse(s) should I piggyback onto.

Also with "add-a-fuse" there is an in(+) and an out (-) - from what I understand inverting these can be confusing when a fuse blows. Is there a default way that the "INS" and "outs" of the fuse panel are layed out, or is this going to be trial and error with a Multimeter.

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Re: Adding in Dash Cam
« Reply #1 : March 13, 2018, 02:36:46 »
Hello and welcome to the forum.

No matter what the layout, I wouldn't be comfortable without the use of a multimeter or at least a test lamp.

If you are employing an inline fuse of your own, then attach it to the high side of the fuse point you choose, either always on or ignition as required. By going high side you're not loading the existing fuse and it won't matter which specific fuse point you choose.

I found this for "add-a-fuse adapter". Is this what you're using?

If so, I would imagine the + goes to the high side and the - to the fused circuit. You can usually tell which is which by removing the original fuse and looking for where there is still voltage (high side). Looking at that, it doesn't appear to include an inline fuse, so you may want to add that at the blue end.
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Re: Adding in Dash Cam
« Reply #2 : April 22, 2018, 11:42:02 »
Not sure how much help this is but I did this (eventually) this morning, thanks to some help from the people on this site.
I used to Front Power Socket Fuse and the Module 6 (radio). They come on at the same point the radio comes on.
This is what I did...
  1) I pulled the fuse, and turned the ignition one turn to ensure that I had the right fuse(s).
  2) I put the fuse tap in with just fuse for the tap, i.e. the one that fuses the tap / dash cam. Check that the camera turns on
      but not the radio.
  3) put the main fuse into the tap
  4) Check the camera and radio / power outlet / other thing turn on when you turn the car on

I used the screw to the bottom right of the fuse box as the ground. That wasn't easy to get at. Had to use a bendy socket adapter to get at it.

I think there is something about getting the tap the right way around. Something to do with which fuse is protecting which circuit.

I'm not an expert but I hope that helps a bit.

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Re: Adding in Dash Cam
« Reply #3 : June 06, 2018, 05:27:50 »
I think there is something about getting the tap the right way around. Something to do with which fuse is protecting which circuit.

I'm not an expert but I hope that helps a bit.
Yes fuses have to be placed in correct order on the tap's, the fuse in the socket you are going to use goes in the first slot (closest to pins) and fuse for the cam in outer slot.

I wired up mine the other day tapping into the 20A cigarette/front power adaptor socket which has power in the Accessories key position, I ended up changing he tap over to the front windscreen wipers a few days later as this gave the benefit of the cam and Cellink Neo battery only powering up when ignition was on, I found this better for my situation as I regularly have the accessories turned on listening to music and don't want the Cellink drawing current from the vehicles battery.

Picture of the fuse tap, 25A front wiper fuse with second 20A fuse to Cellink Neo battery

Cellink Neo battery under drivers seat