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I30 2012- 2016 Aerial
« May 15, 2018, 16:27:32 »
Hi all,
I am looking at fitting an amplified AM / FM / LW / DAB aerial to replace the current one and was wondering if anyone has been above the headliner of the I30 2012-2016 tourer?
I am looking at :link: Kinetic DRA-6001 DAB/DABplus/FM/SW/MW/LW Car Radio Aerial Antenna

I was hoping to use the existing AM FM LW wire does anyone know if there is a jack by the exiting aerial? If so do you know what connector it has? I will also have to run a DAB cable but this should be easy enough!

Does anyone know what size the existing mounting hole is?

I am thinking that removing the two upper boot panels, rear roof grab handles should give me enough space to get to the aerial base. Although I have a feeling the headliner is not going to be fun to free up / refit...

Cheers for any help. I thought I would ask before I begin so I don't have to spend a week plus with the headliner hanging down trying to order adapters and parts


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