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DIY OEM Navigation Update on GD
« November 08, 2018, 17:43:31 »
I didn't find this on forum here, so I would like to share and maybe help to someone.

It is about OEM i30 GD audio/navigation system like on photos below.
If you have one like this, you can simply update software and maps by yourself.
I found this info on Polish forum, try it and it works without any problems.

Update works on any Hyundai or Kia with first generation navigation unit.
Maps update is for 45 countries in Europe and it is newest update came out in 2018.

Update process:

1. download file
2. unpack it
3. format usb pen drive to FAT 32
4. open unpacked folder and copy all files to root on formated pen drive (do not copy folder, first open it and copy all files in it)
5. turn on your car, turn on audio/navigation system, put pen drive in car's usb slot
6. on screen will show up "Software update!" message and info about present and future software/maps/bluetooth versions
7. if you have older version and want to update, confirm it on screen
8. wait for about 1.5 hour, it is recommended to not turn off engine.
You can drive car and even listen radio during update proces.
9. when it is done it will show "Software update!" message again and old and new versions info will be the same.

File link:!IhtlzbTQ!wFC-aZ9oohklI2qkGoVgNSIZqVGlu3XiwiXXrBbhaPo

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Re: DIY OEM Navigation Update on GD
« Reply #1 : November 09, 2018, 04:15:07 »
Wow! That's awesome.  Thanks so much for sharing.  :goodjob:
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Re: DIY OEM Navigation Update on GD
« Reply #2 : November 09, 2018, 04:21:22 »
Good for our European members :goodjob: