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Hello, My Friends!

I just came here to tell about how I installed a pair of tweeters.

1. Get a pair of tweeters with an integrated case to embed it.

2. Remove the door cover in order to remove the mirror cover

3. Remove the little foam protection

4. Drill a pilot hole with a 1.5mm drill bit at the center (left/up side of the left/bottom square)

5. Just a check the center hole :)

6. Drill a hole with a hole saw or forstner bit (in my case, a 35mm)

7. Check if the diameter has a good fit

8. Remove all left materials

9. Confirm the fit

10. Lock the casing

11. Do it again to the left side :)

12. Connect the cables to the door speaker and cover it with some foam tape

13. Put the mirror cover back, checking if has a good fit and no cables are exposed

14. Very nice :)

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Very neat mate and welcome to the club :D
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nice, how did you splice into the speaker leads? Any images of that? :goodjob2:
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Welcome! Great 1st post! Thanks for sharing!  :goodjob2: :goodjob:
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Hello, my friend!!
Sorry... no photos :(
I just split the main cable and soldered new wires with a shrinkable rubber tube.
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