Author Topic: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems  (Read 455 times)

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Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« December 12, 2018, 17:12:56 »
Hi everyone,
I've been following a few old threads here on the DIY cruise control installation. Audio buttons were also added and work fine. My car is a Jul 2010 build, FD 1.6 crdi U (D4FB). VIN is KMHDB51TLBU....

Fitting Cruise Control ....... 1.4 FD CW (Petrol model)
Add cruise control the DIY Way !!
Hyundai I30 Cruise Control

So I bought a steering wheel from the wreckers, upgraded clock spring, and ran the wire, but I seem to have a mismatch between the schematics and my car,
I have the 1.6 crdi U (D4FB) engine, but my wiring seems to match the D4EA engine.
9,89,50 are occupied, 14,15,24 are free so I wired to these pins. Clutch switch is present on pin 79 as per D4EA schematic

descript                 batteoui            Jarek
Cruise switch             9                   15
Cruise ground            89                 14
Cruise switch power   50                 24
Cruise LED                51                 91
SET LED                   44                 49

Confirmed 5V at the steering wheel buttons, and the signal is returning from the buttons to the clock spring (haven't been able to check at the ECU as my arms aren't long enough!). I have only used the push the wire into the female socket approach of making connections to try and prove the operation before buying proper pins, also worried that if I put the pins in the wrong place that I won't be able to extract them later.

Have jury-rigged an indication LED at the steering column, and after an initial mistake (assumed indication would be active high not active low) have wired these to 12V at the cigarette lighter, and no indication shows. Shorting to ground shows LEDs are functional.

Is it possible that the 8,89,50 pins are the correct ones and the wiring loom is partially present? Maybe a sub-loom is excluded but it is present at the ECU?
Has anyone in Australia had similar wiring and managed to make this work? Anyone with factory cruise willing to check their ECU connector?
Any other ideas?

I will add some pictures later if that helps   :D

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Re: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« Reply #1 : December 12, 2018, 23:35:44 »
What am awesome help request post! Doesn't help me one bit because I don't do that stuff, but hopefully someone that does will see it and know the answers.

Be patient, not everyone lives on here like I do.  :cool:
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Re: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« Reply #2 : December 13, 2018, 00:14:46 »
Quick update from the phone. ..

My problem was bad connections at both the ecu and clock springs. Fixed those and it verks!!! 😁😁😁

Pins 14,15,24,91,49 as above. So so happy, now just to get the proper pins for the connectors and install dash indicators.
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Re: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« Reply #3 : December 13, 2018, 00:22:39 »
Nice when a plan comes together, good job :goodjob:

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Re: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« Reply #4 : December 13, 2018, 01:36:49 »
Nice.  Look forward to full report with imagery.  :goodjob:
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Re: Australian FD i30 cruise control DIY install problems
« Reply #5 : January 08, 2019, 16:44:42 »
Rightio, what can I add to the already great tutorials on this site..

1. Dont do this.
See that little long black and white plastic ? This is the type of things to remove. Don't be afraid to pull at all your strenghth though
  from this post
There is a secondary retainer in the plug (purple colour piece in the photos, use a screwdriver to slide this out and the blank pins will come out easily.
If you pull them out without removing the purple piece, they will snap inside the plug and prevent pins from being inserted.  They are a nightmare to remove when broken  :crazy1:

2. Pins are available from element14 in Australia in reasonable quantities (10 or 100 depending). These make it super schmick.
ECU pins
Final ECU with ethernet cable

Dash (040 plug)
Dash sockets

Clockspring (025 plug)
Clockspring sockets

3. My dash was already populated with the cruise/set lights. So I just added the wires from the ECU to the correct dash pins.

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