Author Topic: 2016 i30 Tourer Dual Clutch Transmission problems  (Read 719 times)

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2016 i30 Tourer Dual Clutch Transmission problems
« December 18, 2018, 01:59:31 »
I purchased a 2016 I30 Tourer wagon in 31 July 2018 - still under warranty obviously. Have had problems from the start with the "dual clutch" auto transmission, excessive engine braking, excessive engine revving. Finally had the dealer "fix " the transmission (apparently replaced the lot) , picked car up Friday, still not working properly, gear changes in lower gears very rough, still excessive revving and engine braking especially in the lower gears.
Is anyone aware of a general issue with the dual clutch transmission?  The dealer has told me to drive it for a month so the new clutch etc can "get used to my driving habits".  Is this for real??  Today the car "stalled" as I moved off from a standing start and entered an intersection - no revving of engine, no gears engaged, just nothing at all. After about 7 seconds the gears engaged and the car moved off. Lucky no cars were coming as I stalled in the middle of the road. !! 
I'm just interested if anyone else has had issues with this dual clutch transmission

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

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Re: 2016 i30 Tourer Dual Clutch Transmission problems
« Reply #1 : December 18, 2018, 02:26:43 »
Hi Sharpie,

The DCT  has been tweaked with every new model. For example the one in my 2017 current model PD SR has been excellent. Smooth and trouble free with none of the excess engine braking or hi revving.

However we have a member Eddie ( @edmagman ) who has I think a 2015 i40 Tourer with DCT who has had similar ongoing DCT issues.

Eddie has driven my SR and found that more than acceptable. He has been negotiating with Hyundai for some time to get it sorted. Doesn't sound quite as bad as yours though!

We did find his over revving on down hill sections was better in normal mode than eco mode.

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Re: 2016 i30 Tourer Dual Clutch Transmission problems
« Reply #2 : December 18, 2018, 02:43:13 »
My gear changes are smooth in the i40. I have gotten used to the high reving, as the car thinks like a manual, it likes to engine brake should you be on a decline and touch the brake.

I drift down my hill at home in N as I don't like the car reving that hard cold, but otherwise let it go.
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Re: 2016 i30 Tourer Dual Clutch Transmission problems
« Reply #3 : December 18, 2018, 17:48:50 »
The operation of the DCT is reliant upon predictive software. It is usual for any transmission program to ' adjust' to driver habits. But this would be within a fairly short time and distance, and not over a month.  :rolleyes:
 Also a 7 sec delay in engagement is unacceptable and was a complaint that Hyundai in the USA was often getting and apparently cured.

@Sharpie , the dealer is hoping you will go away. Confront them, they could not sell a new car with DCT  behaving like this and also expect the new owner to 'teach' the transmission for the next month.
Get real. :Pout:
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