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Door Handle issue
« April 02, 2019, 19:02:51 »
Hi all -
I needed to open up my Driver (RHS) door panelling etc - because a clip had broke that wind's the window up and down - glass had therefore fallen (not broken - thankfully) and I needed to replace -
All I needed was the clip but everyone tried to sell the the whole panel for $180 to $350 just for the parts - all I needed was a clip and wire - found a website that sells these components as a repair kit for $70 - 5minutes and its all fitted - go to replace the panel and therefore needed to put the door handle back on - but I'm having issues.
Essentially the door latch wont click into place - there is a latch inside (does this need to be retracted so I can slide the door latch on - then just push and click the barrel lock into place?
Its very fiddly - does anyone know of any videos or pics that can assist?

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Re: Door Handle issue
« Reply #1 : April 03, 2019, 00:21:11 »
  :wacko: we seem to jump inside to out. Key barrel tells me you want to take outside handle off.
Is so, remove  the rubber grommet on the edge that goes into the B pillar. There is an 8mm hex bolt >unscrew> remove section with key barrel> slide handle sideways and remove.

If its a problem with inside locking, you should have done the above, then removed lock mech. , inside handle and cables all in tact. Reverse to finish job.
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