Author Topic: 5 months/20,000km comments on PD2 SR manual  (Read 2064 times)

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5 months/20,000km comments on PD2 SR manual
« April 14, 2019, 03:24:48 »
So far, so good  - only one speeding ticket - the missus got camera pinged - 130 in a 100 zone... :P .  Impressions - sits nicely on the road - can use the old Mini tactic of throttle feathering to tighten the nose in corners - we have a nice flowing windy back road by the river before we hit the main road.  A bit of thump/ bump from the low profiles, the tyres are very ordinary, so a change when due - Michelins probably. The current tyres are bloody noisey on chip seal. Like the AV system, the Hyundai sat nav doesn't have the roads we actually live on, but is fine in town.
Engine... not as much down low, as we would have thought,  but a good fat mid - range, ideal for passing the numerous truck/trailer combos on our main road into town, but must watch the 150k pull in speeds - I slingshot pass like I'm riding a motorbike. Low speed pickup is hesitant, as though the fuelling/timing is slightly off, but clears by around 3000 rpm.  The shop can't pick it up though.
Fuel consumption...according to the computer is averaging 6.9l/100 km overall. I still haven't done a measured test yet. A bit of a pain after the diesel wagon, with its 1000km range, but better than I thought - better than the Getz 1.6 we had.
 Comfort is generally good, but the missus has trouble getting comfy in the passengers seat - drivers seat, no prob. The BSD has saved the missus once in city traffic, so a plus for that. Brakes are good, the gearbox also - feels slightly smoother than the last one we had.
For the two of us, the hatch is far less roomier in the rear, than the CW, so no carting hay now, but we realised this. Just means the tragic Transit gets used more often.
Overall, I think it makes a great GT car for the price. We like it.

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Re: 5 months/20,000km comments on PD2 SR manual
« Reply #1 : April 14, 2019, 05:52:13 »
Thanks for that. 20K in 5 month! I've done 55K in a 21 months but you are on target for 80K at that rate!

Mines a little hesitant on take-off in normal mode but I blame that on the dual clutch. If I switch to sport mode it's zippy off the mark but more than I need for general driving.

Yep, as you may have seen elsewhere on here, Michelins are the go. They make a huge difference.

My wife also prefered the passenger seat in our previous Calais. I agree, economy is pretty good for a sporty little car.  :goodjob2: :goodjob:
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