Author Topic: I30 PD2 SR Premium - coming up to 1 year  (Read 1467 times)

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I30 PD2 SR Premium - coming up to 1 year
« June 16, 2019, 18:56:00 »
Time flies ... I still love the bloody car.  It is such a joy to drive the car everyday.  The car does help with training self discipline because every time I sit in the car, the temptation of gunning it and zoom.  Yet "nearly" always lift off the pedal before over the speed limit.

I need to take it out for a long drive more often.  Took it for 300km drive to Blue Mountain and back and the car record fuel consumption around 6.6l/100km which I am really happy about.  Sydney driving is around 9.2l/km. 

Car servicing is way cheaper than the Subaru Outback, so pretty happy on that regard as well.  I do not care about branding, I just need a reliable and fun car to drive and the I30 SR Premium ticked all the boxes for me so far.


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Re: I30 PD2 SR Premium - coming up to 1 year
« Reply #1 : June 16, 2019, 22:26:56 »
Good to hear that Thanh and nice to see you on the site as well  :victory:
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