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hi there, 

with the recent storms in my area I have noticed there was a smell in my car  didn't  think much of it at first bought an air freshener had no rubbish around, then noticed the car felt very humid and damp as the smell got worse a week or so on I decided to do  clean out  my car had no rubbish and when I went to vacuum I picked up the back seat floor matt and it was soaked so much to the point it was dripping water I lifted it to find there were some mould spots from out damp it was . I was baffled as to how this could've  happened no one sits in the back . anyway I thought maybe one of my passengers spilt a bottle of water by mistake and didn't mention it. I dried it out and thought nothing of it a month or so later have  had more storms  and the floor is wet again .

took it to my local mechanic not a Hyundai dealer they looked it over and said the sunroofs have been recalled in other countries due to a leak. advised to look into it.
I have a panoramic sun roof I found a few  articles here and there but nothing substantial from Australia  in particular.

called Hyundai they advised it would be 100 for them to look at however as it has passed warranty anything that needed fixing would be an out of pocket cost I explained the issues of it being a sunroof leak in other countries and they were firm on the point of out of warranty not really our problem .

so my question is has anyone had something similar and what was the outcome ?
im annoyed that it seems like its an issue with the sunroof leaking and have seen on other forums dealerships have covered costs of repair however this has not been an Australian dealership.

I can only imagine the cost if its a major sunroof issue but with the recent rain it is constantly wet and starting to smell.

any advice would be appreciated .

also the car is a 2012 model I purchased it second hand in 2017 and have only noticed this issue now

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Welcome JJ,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hasn't been a lot about leaks or sunroof issues on this forum, that I can recall anyway.

The only suggestion I have being that it is out of warranty is to get up on a box or steps with the sunroof open and see if you can see any debris in the channels and or any other obvious issues that can be causing the leak.

You could also get someone to squirt a jet of water around the parameters of the roof when it is closed while you watch from inside to see where any water may be getting in.

Also look  for videos online which show  you how to fix a leaking sunroof in case yours is an easy fix.

Good luck. Hopefully there are some other helpful suggestions forthcoming.
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G'Day ,
Dazz's advice of the hose is good.
Could be coming in from door seal itself.
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I had a Rover 75 with mystery wet boot floor, the water also ran down into the rear floor wells. I traced it to a cabin air extract vent  which is behind the boot trim on the inside, and hidden by the rear bumper on the outside. It snaps into a hole in the body, but had popped out for some reason, so water could run in behind it. All I had to do was snap it back in, problem solved. If the i30  has a similar arrangement, it's another thing to check.
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The FD certainly has those press fit vents in the rear corners. I found one while I was installing the reversing camera. :D
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I once had a Toyota Hilux Surf and also had a sunroof water ingress issue. On the Surf there were four drains that take water from the sunroof surrounds through the "A" pillars and "B" pillars down through plastic hose to below the cabin. My issue was caused by the snorkel fitter who drilled through the pipe on the left "A" pillar when he was fitting the snorkel brackets. End result was roof drain water ran into the glove box!

Look for drains and make sure there are no blockages.
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