Author Topic: GD Front windows died  (Read 1382 times)

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GD Front windows died
« July 30, 2019, 21:30:48 »
Well, both front windows died (GD).  One just inside the warranty period which was sorted without any sort of explanation as to what failed/was fixed. And then the other one about 12 months later after a weekend in the country with some driving on dirt roads and cattle grids.

I mention this since I wonder if something has come loose inside the door and its as simple as sorting out a loose connector. One window failing is bad luck. Both is a bit suspicious.

I'm yet to take it the dealer nearly 12 months later, since who uses the window anyway... and they wanted a couple of hundred bucks to look at it.

Anyone know what might be going on here and is it worth pulling apart myself to take a look?? I suck at removing interior trim so I'd want to be fairly confident there is a case for doping so before I get started.

Your thoughts?
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Re: GD Front windows died
« Reply #1 : July 30, 2019, 23:55:05 »
Pretty sure there are how to videos for  hyundai door trims on you tube. Although most brands work the same. A couple of screws near the door handle then just some clips to carefully pop and then unhook the top from the window valley.

@tw2005 has done lots with FD windows but not sure if GD are the same?
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Re: GD Front windows died
« Reply #2 : August 12, 2019, 03:32:25 »
GD windows are a pain. They made the window actuator mechanism attached and part of the door dust protector.
I had a similar issue with both front windows, $280 per door to be looked at so ripped it apart myself.
Eventually found the cable had fallen off the guiding drum, a large white pulley round as a coffee cup located on the other side of the window winding motor. 20mins stuffing around per door had it sorted.
It is a similar design to this 2013-16 Santa-Fe.

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Re: GD Front windows died
« Reply #3 : August 12, 2019, 06:06:57 »
You would have to explain with some more detail. FD is similar, whole inner panel is the window mech assembly just that it appears GD became plastic contruction on the panel and FD were steel.

Clips snapped in the FD that attach to the glass, likely similar failure points in the GD.

What we don't know is if this is mechanical or electrical failure. When it failed did the motor operate at all? Is the window jammed closed and can't be pushed down?

What was on the last repair invoice for parts? The inner assembly?
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