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EGR valve dissasembly - i30
« August 24, 2019, 08:53:59 »
Hi everyone.

First of all, accept my apologies for any grammar/spelling errors. English is not my first language.

I have a 2013 1.4 CRDi 16V 90hp Hyundai. I have used it 60% urban / 40% highway. We have a mandatory service check here for all cars, periodicity depends on how old the car is.

I did not pass it because of gas emissions.

Truth to be told, I have not taken care of my cars until some months ago when I began learning and tinkering some staff by myself (oil change, filters replacement, etc). So I was not surprised at all.

I used a fuel additive that (in theory) cleans accumulated carbon a bit and drove high on rpms for a week and I passed at the second try. However, I think that given my usage on the car and the lack of care the EGR valve may be quite dirty.

I have located it on my engine:

:link: EGR valve location (2) - Album on Imgur

I would like to disassembly and clean it but the access is not easy because of the tubes over it (1, 2 and 3 in the image). And I am not comfortable removing them as I do not know what they are and if I can break something up.

Does anyone have, by chance, a manual/post/video on how to dismount it safely?.


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Re: EGR valve dissasembly - i30
« Reply #1 : August 24, 2019, 10:27:12 »
To get good access to EGR, you need to remove coolant and air intake hoses. Basicly,  drain the coolant out and start taking bolts, nuts and hoses out... You want to take the EGR cooler out also, as it is also full of carbon smugde. Brake cleaner will work, but I found that actual EGR cleaner removed the carbon much better.

I had to remove the EGR cooler from the actual EGR valve to get them out, as it is a tight fit. But you need to take them apart anyway if you are going to clean them. EGR cooler is full of coolant, so the coolant has to be drain out, before taking it out.

:link: egr.pdf - Google Drive
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Re: EGR valve dissasembly - i30
« Reply #2 : August 24, 2019, 16:32:55 »
Hi @sundiz

Lots of thanks!

Sorry for my ignorance but I have more questions now than answers given  :D_

A. I have to drain the coolant for the whole engine then?.
B. I assume then that I have to remove the tubes over the EGT valve (1 and 3) and the air intake big tube (pretty obvious which one).

I will take a closer look on it on brad daylight however to take extra photos and let you know if you don't mind.

Thanks again!
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Re: EGR valve dissasembly - i30
« Reply #3 : August 24, 2019, 17:58:43 »
Do you have any fault codes ( P0401) ?
In the past, I have found the EGR valve to be fairly clean. Because the EGR action is to re-route gas to the inlet manifold that is where the crud deposits form especially if you have ignored servicing.

I would save some time and bloody knuckles by getting some EGR cleaner, follow procedure not only for the manifold, but also push the tube down opening into the pipe from the EGR valve.

Some cleaners just say to give periodic blasts while engine is running. Others say to first use half the can to wet and soften the muck, then spray while engine is running. The latter is my preference.
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Re: EGR valve dissasembly - i30
« Reply #4 : August 24, 2019, 23:03:41 »
Yes you need to remove the coolant from the engine. That is the easiest phase in this job. Just open the drain valve from the bottom left side of the radiator (left when you stand infront of the car and look at it, same side where the serpentine/alternator belt is).

You will figure out which hoses you need to remove while you do the job. Those hoses that are not allowing you to do the job :D
There are 2 coolant hoses for the EGR cooler that need to be taken out. If I remember correctly I took also one of the bigger coolant hose from the thermostat? that was in my way. It has been few years since the job and photobucket destroyed my photos, but I think I did not fully remove the hoses. Just took one end off and that gave me enough room to play.

Unfortunately the photos were destroyed, but you can read the story here: :link: 1.6crdi (2008) DIY servicing: Coolant, EGR, cleaning, brake & clutch fluid etc.

How many kms has your car done?

I do not know about spanish emission tests, but here they only measure the smoke value for diesels. I think they call it "K" value here. That can easily go over the limit, if you drive very economically or basicly like an old lady. Before MOT it is good to do some "heavy" highway driving. 3rd or 4th gear on a highway for 10km usually does the trick. Basicly drive like you stole it before MOT.
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