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Smokey diesel
« October 12, 2019, 22:45:55 »
My FD diesel throws out an amount of smoke most noticeable at night when I pull away from stop. I notice white smoke in the mirror highlighted by lights of car behind. It has done 270000km but  it has been noticeable for a long time.
Not using oil.

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Re: Smokey diesel
« Reply #1 : October 13, 2019, 19:00:49 »
My i30 crdi smoked on startup and under full throttle. I could actually make massive plumes of smoke when getting tailgated which I enjoyed thoroughly  :twisted:.I ran a bottle of Nulon diesel injector cleaner ($14 from Supercheap)in a few tanks of fuel and this partly fixed the problem.  Could also be the glow plugs . Only 2 of mine were working after 100000km. I purchased a full set of NTK ones from Korea for $70  about a quarter the price they are in Australia.
The glow plug relay can also get a build up  internally from the contacts arcing , there was a forum post someone did about this and I followed their instructions and took apart the relay and sanded the build up off. This could make the the car smoke on startup and the first ten mins of operation .
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Re: Smokey diesel
« Reply #2 : October 14, 2019, 13:06:00 »

Double strength as per the bottle - if you can get it there.


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