Author Topic: i30 FD 1.6 CRDI Auto , weird oscillation.  (Read 577 times)

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i30 FD 1.6 CRDI Auto , weird oscillation.
« November 19, 2019, 20:20:05 »
He Guys ,

Long time since my last post , i30 still going strong except for recently it has developed a weird oscillation that you feel through the whole car but mostly under medium to heavy acceleration , when coasting it's not there , if i accelerate gently you don't feel it.

It's an oscillation not a vibration , like when your wheel is out of balance but i feel no vibration through the steering wheel , you feel it through the whole car.

It only started about a month ago and it was after i accelerated very hard while turning 90 Deg left from stationary , there was a bit of wheelspin then it did this oscillation for the first time and has been doing it ever since.

I don't believe it is related to the 1500 - 2000 rpm vibration commonly mentioned as the car has just reached 190,000 kms and never did this before

I was hoping someone has experienced something similar and had found the problem , or some ideas where to start.

My thoughts were it could be the CV joints on the way out , problem with Auto transmission , engine mounts or possibly wheels out of balance (going to get a wheel alignment and balance soon to eliminate that)

I am doing it's 190,000 kms service this weekend and was going to go over the car then and hopefully see/find something.

Any of you knowledgeable fella's have any ideas ?

Also something else i'm curious about , when cold it starts no problem and very quickly but when the weather warms up it's not uncommon for it to take a while to start sometimes 2 times and when it does start there is white smoke out the exhaust for the first few seconds (i know this is unburnt diesel ) but it very rarely does it when cold. I have a brand new set of glow plugs i was going to fit but i don't think it will make a difference to the warm weather starting , any idea's ?

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Re: i30 FD 1.6 CRDI Auto , weird oscillation.
« Reply #1 : November 20, 2019, 00:00:11 »
Hi There,

Nice to hear from you. Shame it is with a problem. I thought maybe worn or damaged CV joint, but I would have thought that might cause some vibration in the steering. Have you tried to inspect the rubber boots around the CV's for tears or leakage.

Maybe you sort of flat spotted a tyre, but as you say no vibration through the steering wheel.  :undecided:

A warm start issue with the Petrol Turbo SR was associated with dodgy injectors. Maybe a diesel injector cleaner additive might help with this issue. I know that is a very curved ball but my curved balls have worked before.. (excuse the french)  :snigger:
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Re: i30 FD 1.6 CRDI Auto , weird oscillation.
« Reply #2 : November 20, 2019, 04:41:14 »
Have a good close look at the CV inner joints/boots for evidence of leakage. the longest shaft is the one most likely to wear out and vibrate if grease has escaped and the inner joint has wear.

If you're electric savvy and have a good multimeter you could do some basic checks on the glow circuit. You could confirm the voltage and the duration of the glow. You could also disconnect the metal strap that connects all the glows together to the power cable, then resistance check each glow individually. You may have 1 or 2 burnt out and open circuit.

From what I have read the glow time is proportional to the coolant temp so if the motor is warm the glow time is shorter and if you have a dud glow maybe that combo is enough to present the symptoms you describe.

Most advice given on glow removal is do it hot. If you shear off a glow you will be in an expensive spot of bother. I'd use a 1/4 inch drive to reduce the amount of torque applied and give you more feel when undoing or even a reversible  torque wrench to limit the torque applied  but I don't know what the limit should be.

I've done 4 motors now.  1 disaster when done cold and 3 success with hot motor.

@nzenigma Gary will pass out when he reads my waffle :mrgreen:

The drivers side main mount which is hydraulic, if they can collapse and the bracket if it's resting hard on top of the mount that will send plenty of vibration through. I've replaced all mine once.
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Re: i30 FD 1.6 CRDI Auto , weird oscillation.
« Reply #3 : November 21, 2019, 19:52:18 »
Thanks  for the tips,

I will be servicing the car soon and i will check over all that has been mentioned.

Yes you could say i'm electronic savvy , it's my job , i'm an electronics tech.

Thanks again for the tips