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Hi all

I am having issues with my android auto in my 2017 Hyundai i30 active

Headset is the gd-03 And software is 2.05.10

I have a fully supported car which supports android auto and the head unit has the latest version of software included (checked at the dealership today) however I am having a very frustrating issue i can't seem to figure out how to resolve or find anything on google about. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling android auto on my phone but that didn't resolve anything

Basically my Google maps on my car head unit will stop navigating// the GPS dot stops moving as soon as my (connected by usb) phone screen switches off. As soon as i press the button on the side that makes the screen turn on (even the initial screen to enter my phone pin, regardless of if I enter the pin or not) the GPS dot will catch up and go back to normal.

An obvious fix would be to make sure the phone screen never turns off however this doesn't seem like a good fix especially at night where it would be a distraction and battery wasting-- does anyone know how i can resolve this frustrating issue please?


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Welcome Eric, I had numerous glitches with my Samsung S8 using Android Auto in my 2017 i30 PD SR over the 27 months i owned it. I'd suspect a setting in the phone to do with battery saving. I loved Android Auto when it worked properly. Was never sure whether it was the phone, car or Android Auto itself that was the issue. I tended to suspect the phone and software as often new glitched would appear after a phone or android software update.  :cool:
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That will happen if the phone is set to use power saving mode.


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