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Exhaust Modification
« January 09, 2020, 17:06:16 »
Does anyone know any one that does does exhaust mods ?
I have a i30 N Line 2019, was thinking of giving it a nice sound, spoke to a couple of places they can't help me.
I'm in Melbourne southern/eastern area please.

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Re: Exhaust Modification
« Reply #2 : January 09, 2020, 21:20:19 »
DO NOT, I say DO NOT just go for a muffler delete.  You will be mega disappointed.
While it will sound good on the outside..   The drone on the inside will completely do your head in..
Something like this is a big NO, NO

I have a custom set up similar but with dual resonators. And the drone on light to mid throttle was quite bad.
I have had to put SS Steel Wool to plug up one side. And the improvement is outstanding.
It keeps the same sound on the outside, which is very good. But I now get no drone whatsoever on the inside.
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