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More Boring stuff about Dazz and Trish's Camry and Kona
« September 08, 2020, 02:04:56 »
I'd love to hear about some of the amazing non-Hyundai cars or other Hyundai models that other long term members are now driving, but in the meantime here an update on both cars we swapped to from our 2014 i30 GD Tourer (wagon) in my Wife Trish's case and from a 2017 i30 SR in my case around 12 months ago.

The Wife's 2019 Hi30 (as I call her 1.6 T AWD Active Hyundai Kona) has now done around 11500 kilometres and she still says almost every time she drives it how much she loves it.
I've said before, even though on paper the kilowatts are less than stated for my SR (same engine) the torque figures are the same and a recalibration of the DCT (dual clutch transmission) means the Kona actually feels as quick as the SR and actually quicker from a standing start!

It was an MY19 demo first reg in Feb 2019 and bought in late July I think, with about 400 kms on the clock for around $29K (about 3.5K off retail)

Because it is an MY19 it has a an upgraded Krell Stereo with excellent sound and Hyundai Excellent built in Sat Nav.

Trish has considered several upgrades like Vinyl Wrapping the roof gloss Black and some nicer Alloys but hasn't found the exact style of wheel or a fair price for the wrap at this time.

As you would expect with a Hyundai, no warranty work required to date (although there was an inspection done at the 12 month service regarding an issue with brake lines? I think it was)

We are very pleased with the fuel economy. With the slightly detuned 1.6T from the SR and Trish's slightly lighter right foot, the Kona is averaging under 7 L/100 kilometres. Yesterday for example sitting on a steady 108 kph (indicated) 102 kph by my Phone speedo App, the trip computer reported 6.4 L/100 kms.

I'll add a separate post with an update on my Camry and some pictures to this post a bit later..


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