Author Topic: 2019 I30 1.4L petrol manual - sometimes difficult selecting reverse  (Read 190 times)

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I have about 3000 miles on an I30 N-Line 1.4 petrol manual. Sometimes when I stop and then try to select reverse it feels reluctant to go in. I can force it and it will go in with a notchy feeling. If I go back to neutral and clutch out/in and try again it can be the same or perfectly smooth. And it can be perfectly smooth anyway. I make sure the clutch is fully down and pull the gearstick collar up fully. So I'm asking if this is a normal trait and is it something already known about. The forward gears are all fine. I got the car with 400 miles, it now has 3000 miles but i feel the issue is no worse or better in this time.

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Re: 2019 I30 1.4L petrol manual - sometimes difficult selecting reverse
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An Aussie member namely @Doggie 1 had an intermittent issue with his current model manual i30 where he couldn't select 3rd gear. After a bit of backwards and forwards with the dealer I believe it may have been sorted. Couldn't find the thread, but think it was just a clutch adjustment. Sometimes it is that or sometimes a linkage adjustment. Not usually anything else than that in such a new car.  :cool:
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