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How do I use the search feature?
« September 16, 2020, 05:53:01 »
Hi, Dazzler, I'm new to the club (though I 'inherited' my wife's i30 when she got a new car - but she hadn't been a member either).  I'm having trouble searching - I admit I'm not good at searching at the best of times - trying to find info on parts numbers for my 2011 130 1.6 CRDi Comfort 5dr Estate after clipping a low wall with the front bumper while reversing (my own fault - I couldn't see the wall and thought I was clear).  It pulled the bumper/front wing away from the body and that ripped out the fog light and broke the lining under the wheel arch.  Both need replacing.  I also have a problem with the window controls in the driver's armrest and the door cable is broken but my local dealer wants to charge silly money for doing the work (usual statement - false I now know - that eg the cable can't be sourced/replaced alone, I need to replace the actuator as well, etc etc). I am happy to go to order the parts I need but the parts department is also playing awkward and doesn't want to let me know the parts numbers.  So I need to do multiple searches and the first - for the window switch - ran into a problem (I sent a message about this) and I can't access the spare parts list/manual that Lorian posted way back.  Can you help/advise please - or is there a technical doc that explains how to search and keywords for this site?  Many thanks in anticipation! :-[

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Re: How do I use the search feature?
« Reply #1 : September 16, 2020, 09:08:53 »
Hi Again Roy,

Don't be embarrassed that is what we are here for. We had a member Gerard who was amazing with part numbers but he has decided to move on unfortunately. I think he felt under appreciated or got frustrated by lack of feedback from members he helped at times.

If you use the searches as per these instructions you can look up the threads that are bought up and hopefully find some part numbers and great how to guides.  Talking of how to guides if you search You tube using similar methods you should find some how to videos on their and they may even supply part numbers in the text or comments. Good luck.

Ok, so if you select the search button above you will  get two options coming up like this ..

If you try for example "door cable" in parentheses you will get results in both searches but possibly some variation in what threads come up.. remember to make note of which series is mentioned as yours is a series 1 FD although in the case of door cables i assume they are all probably similar?

If you click the  advanced search button you get a screen like this...

if you click the check all button down the bottom it will deselect all the boxes and then you can select just the relevant sections to reduce unrelated hits.

by putting your search words in parentheses you limit the search to that phrase instead of individual words. making the results generally more relevant.

I've had three crap sleeps in a row so I'm a walking zombie. I better hit the sack. Good luck. Please let us know how you go. Hopefully others have some tips or info/links to help as well.

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