Author Topic: Power differance between 2L CDRI Diesel and what is available now  (Read 188 times)

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I have a 2009 2l cdri diesil now showing age few problems recently worst being both bottom front suspension arms broken and lucky not to have an accident but done nearly 170,000 miles on poor potholed uk roads ,what hyundi comes close to this in power nowadays as this car has a really great engine ,prepared to move to ptroll if needed but not electric ,really looking to replace it with a not too old secondhand car either an i30 or kona

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Re: Power differance between 2L CDRI Diesel and what is available now
« Reply #1 : November 02, 2020, 11:10:37 »
Hi Sheepman,

Nice to hear from you. Think it might have been a while since you posted. Between the things you've already mentioned and the extra weight of the diesel engine (I'm guessing the older design 2.0 might even be heavier than the 1.6) those front suspension arms have a lot of work to do.

It's a shame you guys in Europe don't get the  1.6 turbo petrol like I had in my 2017 PD SR I found that as enjoyable to punt through hilly mountain passes as my 2008 1.6 diesel. Similar amount of pull up the hills.

Although I think you guys might be getting something nearly as good (or who knows maybe even better) in the form of a 1.5 with mild hybrid assistance?

My wife loves her 1.6T AWD Kona with the 7 speed DCT. Not sure if the Kona comes with the 1.6 over there or not, but it is the pick of the 2 motors available over here. I know the 1.0 T version you guys get over there wouldn't float your boat and that motor has had it's share of issues too.

I'm sure UK members such as @Lorian will have a bit more info and opinions for you. As you are thinking near new the new 1.5 engine might not be an option. But Lorian will be able to give some feedback on the 1.4 T petrol V the 1.6 diesel.
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Re: Power differance between 2L CDRI Diesel and what is available now
« Reply #2 : November 02, 2020, 13:18:03 »
I never drove the 2L CRDi, I did have the newer 6spd U2 1.6CRDi though. It was pretty spirited yet lazy to drive. I loved that engine.

I now have the 1.4 Turbo GDI 140 N-Line.  You have to work at the gears a lot more to keep it on boost than with the CRDi. but then it too is pretty spirited. on paper its faster then the 1.6CRDi. dont ask about the fuel economy though.

The handling on the new PDe on Michellin sport tyres is light an day better, you dont realise till you try it.


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