Author Topic: Clutch pedal on other car suddenly very light  (Read 372 times)

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Clutch pedal on other car suddenly very light
« November 01, 2020, 22:24:37 »
I was driving my partner's car (manual transmission....NOT a Hyundai) yesterday and all was going well. All gear changes were good until I hit the last 400 metres of travel to our house.

The clutch pedal pressure was normal until then. I made another gearchange and the pressure needed to push the clutch pedal was suddenly quite light. This has become the new norm. There is no gear clashing...nothing wrong (or different) except that the pressure is suddenly different (lighter). My partner confirmed this when she drove the car later.

The car has done 280K on what I assume is the original clutch. We have owned the car for 6 years and have put another 160K on it in this time. I have changed the clutch fluid every 2 years.
There is no loss of fluid in the master cylinder.

I'm waiting for it to go kerput!
Should I be worried?  :crazy2:

Any ideas on what could cause this sudden change and what I should check?


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