Author Topic: 2010 1.6 CRDi Front Passenger door won't open from inside  (Read 1047 times)

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Hi all

A few days ago I noticed that I could not open the passenger  door from inside.  Once I wound the window down, I could use the outside handle to let myself out.

It has happened suddenly although my wife thinks she felt some give in the handle earlier in the day so it might have happened then. 

There is still a spring in place when you try to open the door from the inside but the little click that tells you its connected to something else  isn't there (but drivers side is fine)

I'm not really comfortable removing car parts or tinkering with them unless it's applying grease/lube/oil etc to parts.

What could be the likely problem & approx costs to fix?  I have owned the car 13 months (UK).  I know a couple of local garages/mechanics but it would be nice to know in advance of likely remedies/costs.

Many thanks

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Re: 2010 1.6 CRDi Front Passenger door won't open from inside
« Reply #1 : December 11, 2020, 06:24:16 »
I would have thought a garage would take about 20 mins to get the door card off, after which it should be easy to spot what has broken. It could be the internal lever, or the door lock, or the cable that links them. Repairing it will then depend on what has broken and how long it will take to get a new part. If the garage wants you to go back when they have the part in, it will save time if they leave the door card off in the interim. That would mean driving around with the door controls missing eg, window switches, door speaker. If it's the handle that's broken the cable could be left attached to the door lock so you could tug on that to open the door from inside.

When the door is repaired and the door card replaced, make sure they fit the waterproof membrane properly, otherwise water can seep into the inside of the car.
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Re: 2010 1.6 CRDi Front Passenger door won't open from inside
« Reply #2 : December 20, 2020, 21:14:17 »
Thanks Brendan.  I think I'll take it after the Christmas break, lockdown permitting
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Re: 2010 1.6 CRDi Front Passenger door won't open from inside
« Reply #3 : February 19, 2021, 11:37:05 »
I had the same issue (my car is a 2011 i30 cw) - the cable had snapped at one end.

My dealer quoted me about £300, as they said it was more cost effective to replace the door (!) - I think they just didn't fancy it. I ordered the cable from them for £10.

I took the door card off, tried to get it fitted but just couldn't. Next service I took it in and asked if they would fit it - they did, no extra charge. So just your luck with the dealer I guess.

(I realise it's been two months so I don't know if you got it fixed)
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