Author Topic: Is this possible??: USB Carlinkit dongle for WinCE Android Auto/Apple Car Play  (Read 258 times)

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G'day All,

I have opened a topic a couple of years ago about this but it went nowhere.
:link: USB Dongle for WinCE headunit for Android Auto/Apple Car Play

I'd like to try again this time.
I have a 2013 i30 GD and its stock headunit (with satnav) runs WinCE.

I've read this new USB dongle, that plugs in to the USB of your headunit which turns it to Android Auto/Carplay system.
Also know as "Carlinkit" USB dongle (google it).

I've seen this video recently running this dongle on a Kia Cerato.
:link: Carlinkit for Wince Headunit(Kia Cerato) - YouTube

I wish this works on i30 as well.
Anyone tried this? seen this?


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Did you try is that working?
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