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2013 i30 - a few electrical issues
« January 29, 2021, 07:01:35 »
Afternoon all!

Not sure if this is the right forum...

I've got an 2013 i30, and the last MOT (actually CT, but more on that later) threw up quite a few problems that need resolving.
I'll spend a few hours browsing the forums, as I doubt my problems are unique...

1) The electric window on the passenger side will open, but not close again using the passenger controls. Any suggestions on whether I will need to replace the full unit, or I can just replace a paricular part? Full unit is around £150, and just the switch is around £10.

Could a non-mechanic replace these parts? (either the full unit or just the part). I guess there would be no harm in buying the cheaper part and seeing if it resolves the problem before splashing out on the full unit.

2) The car was a UK car, but now registered in France, and I have been advised that the headlights need replaced. This is despite the car passing the previous MOT / CT 2 years ago with £30 headlight beam deflectors. We argued the poing with the tester, but he was insistent that the headlights failed this time and the stickers weren't sufficient.

Anyone in the EU got any thoughts? Is it worth trying a different beam deflector before spending £400+ on new headlights?

3) Windscreen washer not working. I have purchased a water pump and hope this fixes the issue. Again, is there any possibility a non-mechanic could replace this part? I'm guessing not...

If the pump doesn't resolve the issue, what's the next most likely solution?

Really appreciate any advice offered.

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Re: 2013 i30 - a few electrical issues
« Reply #1 : January 29, 2021, 10:01:19 »

Presuming right hand drive.

I personally would go for the switch first.

Think it is a straight forward diy by getting at it via arm rest but sure this has already been covered on here.

Is the CT the french mot.

Has BREXIT caused them to reassess test criteria.....

Again straight forward diy and also been covered on here.

You get access to the bottle via the front off (in france on) side wheel arch. Side with driving wheel.
You have to remove the wheel and lining to get access.

Just a thought..... Have you checked for blockages as the contents of the bottle seem to congeal due to the use of screen wash.
If suspected there are joiners by the rear washer and in the engine compartment.
Also, consider flushing bottle to remove any content.
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Re: 2013 i30 - a few electrical issues
« Reply #2 : January 29, 2021, 14:05:33 »
3) On the washer pump issue, I think the pump is a pretty easy fit. With the steering turned all the way to the left (or the wheel removed) and the wheel arch liner removed, the pump should be visible. It's just a push-fit into the washer fluid reservoir, so it should just pull straight out. The pump has two outlets with a hose attached to each, one for the front, one for the rear.

Try pulling the hoses off and see if water squirts out when the pump operates. This is when you could do with another person to work the stalk whilst you observe the pump. If water squirts out it's probably a blocked hose or washer nozzle. You could then try blowing through the hose, if you have a foot pump or bicycle pump with an adaptor normally used for blowing up footballs.

If water doesn't squirt out of the pump nozzles, it could be the pump itself, or the reservoir is gunged up. If you pull the pump off the reservoir you can then rinse out the reservoir with hot water. There's also a mesh filter on the pump inlet, check that isn't clogged up.

Check if you can hear the pump operating, there will be a fuse that supplies it which may have blown. If it sounds like it's running in one direction but not the other, it may be a fault with the electrical circuit supplying the pump.
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Re: 2013 i30 - a few electrical issues
« Reply #3 : February 18, 2021, 09:36:49 »
Just to give an update on my issues..

The Contrôl Technique is the French MOT

1) I’ve not managed to get hold of the switch for the passenger window. Car is currently in the garage, and I think it has been sorted. I did make a lame attempt to remove the door panel, but lost interest quickly.

2) The garage advised when they gave us the repair quote that the current UK headlights were fine, and they only required some minor adjustment. I understand there’s some simple switch / tweak that the garage have done, and they should now pass the CT. Guess I’ll have to wait and see on that as I don’t think they can officially confirm if they will pass (the CT is done at a specific CT garage)

I don’t believe anything has changed regarding EU legal specifications, just that some CT testers are more fussy than others, or different equipment is giving different results.

3) Ordered water pump online and this is now resolved

Thanks for the responses.
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