Author Topic: Both low headlights blown at same time - confirmation bulbs look ok  (Read 364 times)

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I've searched through the forum but can't find anything similar to what I need to ask, but apologies if I've missed it.

Both my front low headlights blew at the same time. In troubleshooting I've checked the module 3 fuse in the inside fuse box and it looks fine. I then checked the bulbs and they also looked fine with the exception of a slight charing at the bottom of the bulbs

Can someone give me their opinion if that's normal or not? And also if there is anything else obvious I should check I also checked the multi fuse b1 and b3 and they looked ok.

Many thanks

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If the main beams work ok, you could try swapping the bulbs over with the low beams, that would at least check if the bulbs themselves are intact. I have a 2015 car and looking through the handbook, and in the actual fuse boxes, I can't figure out which is the correct fuse for the headlights. There may also be a relay somewhere that turns them on. If you have a multi-meter then you can check if the fuse has blown, but there are some spare fuses in the fuse box in the engine compartment if you suspect a fuse has blown.

If a bulb blows it could take the fuse with it, and if the same fuse feeds both lights, it will stop the healthy bulb working as well.
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not sure which model but if its a FD CRDi they were quite good at doing this. check with the dealer if the TSB for blowing headlights has been carried out.


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