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Hello All

I was wondering if somebody could help or point me in the right direction

I own a Hyundai i30 (2009 plate) 1.6 diesel, approx 1 week ago as I was driving i notcied that when i changed gears the speedometer would go down to 0 and then return to whatever speed I was doing, I though nothing of it and when I took the car out this wekend the speedometer started to go up and down as I was driving.

I realised that wehn I pressed the accelerator the the speedometer would go to 0 and when I let go it would return what ever speed I was doing.

However Today the speedometer is not moving regardless of acceleration or taking the foot of the accelerator, at all and I have also noticed that the 'miles left' reading on the trip computer now shows vastly differnt readings as im driving and keeps changing, so for example on filling £10 worth of diesel it would normally say 100 miles left, now it jumps around constantly going down to 50 then back up again and then down.

The rev counter and the temp gauge and the other trip computer options seem to be fine so im not sure if the 2 faults are connected or they are 2 different issues.

Things tried

I have put a ODB reader on  and it does not show any fault codes
I have disconnected the negative terminal for 5 - 10 mins and this hasnt resolved the issue

Would anybody please me in the right direction, my current thinking is

Some sort of earthing issue
Faulty onboard Computer (I would likely see more faults than what i am experiencing at the moment if ti was the computer)

Thanking you all in advance

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